How yoga helps in managing stress?

“A happy mind is a happy soul”. A person who is happy from inside is the one who lives the longest and tackles all the problems with grace. The one who has understood the importance of being happy will not only make his life better but also the lives of people around him/her. The happy-go-persons are likeable by everyone can change a stressful environment into a light one. But the question is out of 100 how many people are happy today? Even if they say they are fine do they mean it?.

Everyone today has so much to deal with in their personal/professional life. Not everyone expresses what they are going through in their lives. Upon that the current pandemic situation has worsened the condition. Most of the people lost their jobs, few people lost their loved ones. As the loss is irreparable for a few and most of them don’t know how to deal with the situation they end up taking more stress and start worrying about the situation all day and night. Stress is something that will make the situation even worst because it starts affecting your mental and physical health, it demotivates you, loss of concentration, lose focus on your dreams,  and sometimes it leads to depression. People fighting with depression sometimes end up taking their lives as well. There has to be a way to stop all these so that people can adapt to a better lifestyle.

Thanks to yoga we have a solution to reduce stress, anxiety, and also helps in toning the body. Practicing yoga helps in achieving a peaceful mind and body. Many of the influencers, common people are practicing yoga even in foreign countries as well but it must not be forgotten from where yoga originated. Yes, yoga was present since ancient times by our ancestors in India unfortunately, it was not given much importance at that time and today we know the importance of yoga but don’t have enough time to practice it. Strange!

Yoga is a powerful mantra to reduce stress as it includes physical poses, controlled breathing, and meditation that relaxes the mind and body. Yoga has some major benefits as it helps in weight loss, lower blood pressure, heart rate. The best thing about yoga is it doesn’t have any side effects and anyone can do it, with regular practice anyone can become an expert too. 

Yoga has got some stress-relief techniques through which it helps in managing stress and anxiety. Although any exercise will help you relieve stress, yoga brings you many advantages to keep your physical and mental health in a good condition which is most needed today.

How yoga techniques help in reducing stress?

The breathing power: Although breathing is a must to stay alive yoga has got some breathing techniques that keep stress away. You must have seen or heard people saying breath, in a stressful situation this is because breathing in deeply will supply more oxygen to the heart, lungs, brain which activates the cells and helps in reducing the stress levels. Breathing exercises like pranayama are very powerful and must be practiced regularly for a stress-free mind.

The meditation mantra: Even if we are sitting in one place our mind is constantly running with one or the other thoughts. We keep worrying about the situations we might have to face in the future that again leads to stress so it is important to clear our mind from all those thoughts and with meditation it is possible. Meditation not only helps in clearing the mind but also improves concentration.

Apart from breathing and meditation, many other asanas help in reducing stress like hero pose, tree pose, child’s pose, standing forward bend, etc.

In today’s life, it is necessary to relax our mind and body both and with yoga, it is possible as there are asanas like savasana. Yoga is not only important to relieve stress but also to maintain weight and prevent other health issues.

Final thoughts: When there are so many benefits from yoga, spending a little time from our busy schedule for a better lifestyle is worth it.

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