Guide to Super safe yet unforgettable New Year’s Eve in Miami

How can we say goodbye to the most unpredictable year, 2020, in a safe and fun way?

For most years, this will be our nonsense about the restaurant charging three series of rental fees for dinner on New Year’s Eve, and then tell you that it’s better to go to a family gathering in New York. But this year:

 a) telling us to go to Kendall for family gatherings must be irresponsible

 b) the restaurants right now must require all the help they can get.

So, hang out, spend some considerable money at your favorite restaurants, and hope they will be there before New Year’s Day in 2022. If you still want to find a place to avoid curfew on December 31st, some substantial gatherings with similar social occasions are suitable for any budget? Check out our list of Staycation this year.

Miami’s favourite restaurants that are open to the public for this NYE

Versace mansion’s Swimming in Sync at Gianni’s

Since you may never have imagined completing almost 95% of work already in 2020, you’d better watch it in the luxurious environment of a Versace tower, watching swimmers in the pool swimming in sync. The gathering of Gianni’s in Casa Casurina starts from the first dinner seat at 6 pm, the main seat starts at 8:30 pm, and the open bar begins at 10 pm. The Cost is $125 per person for breakfast and dinner, $450 for the main seat, $150 for the open-air bar.

Traceback to old Havana at Kuba Cabana place

The Cuba Kabana city’s Doral will awaken old Havana on New Year Eve when CityPlace will host an old-world rally show at 10:30 pm. Miss Noel Leon will host the event, and there will be performed funny versions of “Fever,” “Jazz Music,” and other popular songs. Before the performance, you can enjoy a three-course Latin feast. Before midnight, guests will taste a dozen traditional Cuban grapes and a glass of Prosecco. The first seating fee is $99, whereas the main seat is $150 per person. Book your flights to Miami with  American Airlines Reservations and enjoy your New Year.

See the sunset from an open-air tent at Nikki Beach.

Going out on New Year’s Eve does not seem to promote distance from society. However, if you can grab one of the open-air tents at Nikki Beach, then you and up to five friends can show up and watch the sunset with three bottles of Perrier-Jouet’s deli, Mez, and sushi platter. Don’t worry about undisclosed strangers until you safely enter 2021. Booking a seat here costs USD 10,000 for up to a group of six people.

Say goodbyes at Tulum Vibes.

There can be no better place than here at Gitano if we can use two words to describe the restaurants opened in Miami in 2020, Tulum’s resonance. Therefore, a better way to end the year than indulging in Tulum-ness in Gitano, where they will spend a whole night of Gypsy-Disco fun in the store. You will enjoy chef Antonio Maldonado’s four-course menu, an open signature Mezcal cocktail bar, and a special guest DJ in the Jungle Roof and Jungle Room. You can call them or contact them by email to know the pricing.

Take advantage of Miami’s best New Year Eve deals at Gastropub.

Because the people at Batch realize that 2020 has brought you a lot of trouble, they will let you relax on New Year’s Eve, providing an open bar at Brickell’s gastropub, which is better than what you usually do on Friday night. The tabs are cheap, and there are bad decisions and cool bathrooms. To say, “Thank you for not letting me waste all my stimulating checks on New Year’s Day,” please stop early and have dinner in advance, which will be offered at regular menu prices. From 9 pm to 1 am, this open bar is open to people at $50 each.

Rum Tequila shot until midnight Ft. Lauderdale.

If it weren’t for this annoying curfew, you might end up in Bodega sometime on New Year’s Eve scarf tacos, and you won’t remember it the next day. However, since this is not a real choice, Bodega offers two open bar packages, one is open from 4 pm to 8 pm, and the other is open from 8 pm to midnight, so please try tasting taco and dragon early Quila. Tacos are not included but are strongly encouraged. You can pay $150 from 4 pm to 8 pm, and the cost will be $300 from 8 pm to midnight. Tables reservations are also available on advance requests. Book flights with Frontier Airlines reservations right now and enjoy a perfect getaway this New Year.

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