The Top 05 Best (Wireless) Hard-Drive

Holding a pill at a wedding or party to take a screenshot: a fair play or a lame? The Code of Conduct is still on these issues, but no matter what problem you encounter, we will say that you have created photos, videos, data or files that cannot be converted using your tablet or smartphone. And, just like other small packages you can create on a desktop or laptop computer, our first question is the old question: what are you doing to back it all up?

(Forget it, if you have an Apple i-everything; they are all smaller.) If you want to bring a travel movie library here, you can use one of the wireless drivers described here. Watch via phone or tablet, but don’t store it in local storage. (You can use vendor software to access items or move them back and forth.) In addition, they can be used with standard computers equipped with cable connections, so the laptop drivers can be synchronized together. Connect wirelessly, just like using a standard external driver.

Essentially, most of the drivers described below are hard-core mobile drivers on external screens equipped with travel batteries. Most features also allow you to bypass the Wi-Fi connection to the device, so you can maintain wireless Internet access while connected to the driver.

Some important things to consider for any apple wireless hard drive

SD, or no SD? Some solid-state wireless devices include SD cards built into the drive body. Having this power cord makes it easier to access (and/or store) the content on the camera card.

The expulsion force is balanced. Each of these drivers uses an internal disk drive, and the cost is lower than flash-based drives. You need to calculate the cost / giga-byte (total capacity in gigabytes, divided by the dollar value) of each drive to consider the estimated equivalent value.

Leef iBridge-3

The original Leef iBridge was one of the earliest two-pronged devices, including USB and Lightning, so you can easily transfer files between Mac, PC and iOS devices.

It has since been updated, and Leef iBridge 3 was added to the series for the last time. It also contains USB 3.1 and Touch ID touch, which provides fast and secure transfer. It also has a 256GB option-this is the most common MacBook laptop today and has more memory than most of its competitors. Do you want to free-up space by transferring photos from an iOS device, this feature is also available in the app-then you can copy/move these photos by installing them on your Mac or PC.

LIB300KK064A1 - Leef Ibridge 3 Mobile Memory -

IBridge 3 weighs only 12 grams, so it is easy to put in a pocket, and the silicone and aluminum box can be carried with you when traveling. Suitable for iPhone 5 or higher, iPod

Seagate-Wireless Plus 2TB Portable

Capacity: 2 TB

The brand name is Seagate, the digital storage capacity is 2 TB, and the device integration is USB 3.0

Compatible devices integrate the free Seagate-Media application for i-Pad, i-Phone and Kindle Fire and  Windows 8 / TR tablets and also computers, while Android tablets and smart*phones merge with the free Seagate-Media application for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Windows 8/TR Tablet PC

About this product

Gracefully download your favorite digital media to tablets, mobile phones, computers, etc.

Works with Dropbox and Google Drive to get the cloud

Up to three different HD movies can be streamed on up to three devices at the same time. System requirements: applicable to the Internet, iOS 6.0 or higher, Android 4.0 or higher, or Kindle Fire Wi-Fi-enabled devices

It all depends on your DLNA device, Samsung Smart TV and AirPlay

Includes free Seagate Media app for iPad, iPhone, Kindle Fire, Windows 8/TR tablets and computers, and Android tablets and smartphones

WD 1TB My Passport-Wireless

Western Digital brand name, 1 TB digital storage capacity, USB 3.0 intermediate device, compatible device for Mac and PC

WD 1TB My Passport Wireless SSD External Portable Drive - WiFi USB 3.0 -  WDBAMJ0010BGY-NESN- Buy Online in Pakistan at ProductId :  62235362.

About this product

Built-in SD card reader with a copy button

Internal sustainable seismic SSD

Full-day charging (up-to 10hours) *Based on HD 720p streaming, 3 Mbps video from a single 2.4 GHz Wi-Fi device. The actuall life of battery depends on the file size, type, format, bit rate, connected device, Wi-Fi connection.

Download from USB card reader

WD 2TB My Passport-Wireless

The brand is Western Digital, a USB 3.0 Face device with 2 TB digital storage capacity and 130 MB per second reading speed

And desktop equipment, cameras

About this product

SD 3.0 card reader is available for fast storage media

Wireless 802.11ac can publish 4K video on iOS and Android and watch the image of My Cloud mobile app* | * 4K streaming requires the mobile device player to have a support code for 4K video files, and it depends on the mobile device, device and software Features. And configuration.

Full-day charging (up-to 10Hrs) on HD 720p-streaming, 3 Mbps video from a single 2.4GHz (Wi-Fi device) . The actual battery life depends on the file size, type, format, bit rate, connected devices, Wi-Fi connection, settings and other factors.

E-banking can charge your mobile phone, sports camera, etc. (output up to 1.5A)

Two-year limited manufacturer’s warranty

SanDisk 32GB Connect-Wireless

With 32 GB of memory storage capacity, brand: SanDisk, USB 2.0 Face, 802.11 b/g/n

SanDisk Connect Wireless Stick (32GB) Review | PCMag

About this product

The flash on phones, tablets and computers has been updated

Save extra content and having access to your photos, videos and other files

Play HD video and music on 3 other devices at same time

Connect wirelessly or directly to the USB port

WiFi password security: WPA2 support

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