10 Tips Every First-Year Student Must Know to Get Through University

For most first-year students, university life can be a unique experience. From obtaining a new level of freedom to fulfilling new responsibilities, it will be a learning experience. However, there are times when students don’t know how to cope with campus life or where to get urgent assessment help for urgent academic support.

Luckily, tons of students got through it all – be it dealing with homesickness or finding the right online assessment help for quick academic aid. Here are ten tips that graduates and college seniors wish they knew before joining college. Happy reading!

  1. Maintain study-life balance:

Irrespective of the course, most students struggle to find a work-life balance. There is way too much to do, and you tend to become a jack of all trade which can get pretty mundane and bog you down. A part time jobs for students is crucial when you have so much to do. That way, you can spare time to relax.

  1. Make ‘notes’ your best friend:

In higher studies, your notes would be your saviour. Whether it’s for exam preparation or writing an assessment, notes can help you understand a topic better. Once you complete your semester, don’t get rid of your notes right away. 

University coursework is interrelated, which means you never know when you might find it useful. Refer to your old notes whenever necessary so that you can apply it to your current projects. Keep everything well-organised so that you don’t have to go rushing around looking for a particular note. 

  1. Don’t be afraid to switch:

Studies show that most students underperform in university because they dread the subject they are trying to major in. That shouldn’t be the case. Sure, university life is (mostly) not all fun and games, and the pressure will get to you. Yet, enjoy what you study. 

If you realise your course makes you miserable and leaves you thinking “I wish someone could help with my assessment,” then my friend, it’s time to rethink your decision. There’s no shame in changing major and taking up something you love. Remember, if you don’t enjoy what you study, you probably won’t succeed. 

  1. Get everything done on time: 

Students fail to maintain a balance between assignments and self-studies, which later leads to stress. Don’t always strive for perfection as it will wear you out. Obtaining good grades in exams is among the primary causes of stress among students. That’s why you should be committed to your study routine and start early with all your assignments. It will help you avert stress and meet deadlines. 

  1. Perfect grades aren’t everything:

Yes, maintaining good grades is essential, but you must know that perfect grades are not the only factor to land you a job. After graduation, your potential employers will be more interested in your practical skills, the projects you have completed and how you would benefit them. Give your best shot but don’t put your brain under too much pressure as it will hamper your overall performance. If you score low grades, take it as an opportunity to learn and improve your skills and knowledge.  

  1. It’s okay to seek help from tutors:

The land of Kangaroos is a popular academic hub in the world. Students enrol from all over the world to pursue a higher education degree. The education standard is high, and all universities follow stringent academic norms. 

That’s why a lot of students struggle to keep up with the pressure and desperately seek help. Hiring experts for assignment help Melbourne can allow students to catch a breather and gain knowledge. 

  1. Reflect on your inspiration:

Keeping up with countless assignments and elaborate study course can take a severe toll on students and push you to quit. I know it can get tough, but that’s when you must ask yourself why you are here. 

  • What made you choose this subject? 
  • What’s your goal? 
  • Who inspired you? 

Once you find the answers to these questions, it will become easier for you to deal with your stress, and you can work systematically towards your goals.

  1. Learn to be a team player:

In university, you mostly have to work on your own. However, whenever you get the chance of working with a team, don’t let the opportunity slide. In the professional world, you have to work with a team and lead one at some point. 

Working together in a group will allow you to look at things from a different perspective. You can learn different ways to tackle a task. Even if someone is mean to you or doesn’t co-operate with you, I would advise you to ignore them and take control of YOUR work. It will undoubtedly prove to be beneficial in the longer run.

  1. Gain work experience:

Trust me; you will gain a lot of experience when you work outside of campus. Some of the best lessons take place outside of campus. It doesn’t matter what job you sign up for – be it an internship or a part-time job at the eatery nearby; you must take some time from your academic schedule to earn some work experience. 

If you are looking for internships, look for options related to your field of study. You will get a better understanding of what you study when you put them to practice. 

  1. Learn to open up and accept:

A simple act of expressing can be therapeutic in many cases. There are situations which can be solved just by talking to someone. No matter how hard it is, try to make room for acceptance. Bottled up anger, resentments, and negative energy will prevent you from personal improvement and build stress in return. 

Look at the positive things in life, including your family, gifts, and unique qualities. Learn to accept things you cannot change. This simple strategy is good enough to help you stay positive, even in the most stressful situations. 

Wrapping up

When it comes to compiling tips for first-year college and university students, the list is inexhaustible. Nevertheless, you must try and consider these tips for a morale boost. Schedule your time for everything – whether it’s your studies or relaxing by yourself. If you commit to following your plan, your university life may become less stressful than most of your classmates.

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