Basic Essay Writing Problems That Students Have To Face

You must be familiar with different types of changes that you have to face throughout essay writing. It is right that writing an essay is one of the sophisticated assignments that students have to face throughout their high school. Normally students start writing their essay and it takes them hours and hours to think of what and how to write. It is not easy to deal with different types of assignments.

There are different types of essay that students have to deal with. It doesn’t matter that what is the type of a say whether it’s a narrative essay writing, persuasive essay writing, expository essay writing, or any other type, students have to face different types of problems throughout the process of essay writing. It is not easy for the students to meet the requirements of essay writing because of variant standards. I always recommend students to get the help of professional UK essay writers in case of any difficulty or problem. once you experience the writing of the professional writers, it will help you to cope up with the problems and to get the right concepts of the procedures throughout essay writing.

Today we will be discussing some of the basic issues that students have to face throughout essay writing.

The problem in writing a thesis statement

A thesis statement is considered as one of the most basic and important factors which are important for essay writing. Writing a clear, concise, and understandable thesis statement is not easy for the students. It requires good command on the understanding of the concepts about the selected topic and on the writing skills at the same time. I recommend students to check out the ideas of writing a thesis statement on different platforms where you can easily find a well-defined and quality thesis statement.

Lack of facts and logical evidence

Providing facts along with logical evidence is necessary throughout essay writing because it is considered as a backbone of the entire writing. Providing the facts and the evidence helps you to support the claims that you have been providing throughout essay writing so that readers can easily accept what you are trying to explain. 

I would strongly recommend students to gather the maximum amount of facts to support your selected topic in the claims that you have been providing throughout essay writing.

Inappropriate introduction

Introduction of the essay writing plays a vital role to explain the readers of what you will going to be discussed throughout the essay writing. There are certain requirements for writing an introduction along with many limitations.

One of the mistakes that students do throughout introduction writing is to provide irrelevant information. Introduction writing always requires a limited amount of information along with the limitation of words. You need to use the right amount of words along with the right information to provide an understanding to the readers about the selected topic of essay writing. The introduction should be catchy and interesting so that it can convince readers to read the entire document.

It is necessary to explain what you are going to cover in your essay writing and why it is beneficial for the readers followed by the thesis statement in your last sentence.

Ignorance of targeted audience

Before performing any kind of academic writing activity, it is important to know your audience. It is one of the basic mistakes of the students that they ignore to know their audience before writing. Students have to face different types of difficulties when they are not familiar with the targeted audience. For example, you are writing an essay on mobile phone marketing, so you should know that it what type of audience will be attracted to specific mobile phones or in general.

In short, you should know who is going to read your essay and what are the needs of the audience.

Improper structure

Structure plays a vital role in achieving the objective of writing. This is one of the reasons that every academic writing activity is defined with its own structure which helps the writing to achieve its purpose effectively and efficiently. Students make this basic mistake that the try to customise the structure of essay writing as their own choice. However, there are no choices for the students to customise the structure but the only way is to learn and understand the requirements of structure in order to get the desired results and to meet the standards of essay writing at the same time.

Plagiarism in writing

Plagiarism is one of the basic mistakes that can cause different consequences to the students throughout writing activities. Plagiarism is never acceptable for all types of academic writing activities regardless of any nature or level. There are certain techniques and procedures that are must be understood students want to avoid the plagiarism throughout the writing.

It always occurs in the essay writing when students copy the exact informational material from other sources into their essay writing. This doesn’t mean that students cannot use the information from other sources but instead of copying the exact information, it is important to refresh the information into your own words while providing the citation at the same time. This always allows avoiding the plagiarism in the right and the professional way.

Inappropriate conclusion

The conclusion is the final part of the essay writing and is the most crucial one. Throughout conclusion, students have to define what they have discussed throughout the essay writing while providing the facts along with the results and findings.

The only thing that makes conclusion writing more difficult for the students is the limitation of words. Students have to define all these requirements in a limited amount of words so you should be proficient enough in writing skills to meet the requirements of effective conclusion writing.

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