Navy Quick link : What is it?

My Navy Portal is a website with exclusive content from the US Navy. The website was designed by the U.S. It is hosted by the Department of Defence. As part of its educational endeavours, the website uses e-learning modules. It was developed for sailors and other military personnel. 

This can be done through My Navy Portal using certified training simulators. NeL is a computer-based training platform that uses digital technology to improve learning and cut training costs. Navy eLearning (NEL) offers computer-based training to boost your career and life. To access NeL via the Navy Portal, click here. 

My Navy Portal provides information about training, exercises, and professional competency. It offers the latest training and education news and information. A My Navy Portal quiz analyses your performance and shortcomings. Multiple training tools on the portal help students learn faster and at higher levels. Preparing for future issues is helpful. The My Navy Quick Link has information about training and exercises. It’s a terrific tool for learning and preparing for future issues.

How does the Navy Quick Link function?

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My Navy Portal provides authentic and up-to-date Navy information. Unique My Navy allows quick access to Navy supplies and equipment. My Navy Store sells Navy equipment. You’ll learn about popular companies, trends, and unique products. 

My Navy’s Comparison Centre makes comparing vendors easy. My Navy Portal provides Navy necessities and gear.The site has these features and more. The Navy’s website was rebuilt to consolidate information. The makeover improves navigation and browsing. Users can find things easily kudumbavilakku.

The Homepage:

My Navy Portal (MNP) is an all-in-one solution that allows you to manage your Navy career.

What exactly are these Navy Quick Link?

This section is for information that can be looked up quickly. Everything, from filling out the application for your relocation to staying at various military lodges along the route of your cross-country drive. In addition, here are some helpful links to items that are related to families: Support Centre for Fleet and Families; Military One-Stop Shop; Military Installations, and so on and so forth.

Frequently Asked Questions and Navy Quick Links Regarding MyNavyAssignment (MNA):

General advice for sailors. Active Duty/Full-Time Support Personnel (SELRES) Information. Answers to FAQs Info: The MNA’s purpose Can I Use MNA? How do I change personal info? Can I save job info on my PC?

FAQs & Help For Login:

Simply enter “Https://My.Navy.Mil” into the address bar of your web browser to gain access to the public site for the MyNavy Portal (MNP). On the MNP Public Site, click the Login button, and after that, select either the “Low Bandwidth Mode” or the “High Bandwidth Mode.” In the event that your email certificate is not already selected, you will need to choose it from the Certificate Popup.


The Navy Quick Link keeps members informed. It’s My Navy Portal provides quick access to resources. Classifieds and ship categories can be searched. My Navy’s website features chat rooms. Members can construct email, chat, and group networks. My Navy provides real-time info.

Complete all the conditions to join My Navy. My Navy members can’t utilise their training or knowledge for profit. My Navy Portal encourages individuals to study and pursue personal interests.

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