JP Associates Share Price Target 2023, 2024, 2025, 2030

Jaiprakash Partners is likewise prominently known as Jaypee Gathering in India and is settled in Noida, India. The organization is engaged with designing, development, power, land, neighborliness, IT, sports and training.

Established by Jai Prakash Gaur in 1979, JP Partners Restricted has a couple of noteworthy accomplishments in its kitty, for example, hydropower of 1700 MW in tasks and the culmination of undertakings in the 18 provinces of India and Bhutan. Jaypee Gathering possesses the biggest land bank in the Public Capital Locale (NCR).

The new history of Jaypee Gathering financials proposes a troubling picture to financial backers without a doubt as it has been offering off its resources for its rivals, for example, its 1.5 million tons crushing unit in Panipat to Shree Concretes (2014), two hydropowers to JSW Energy (2015), Six Coordinated concrete plants and five crushing units to Ultratech Concrete (2017).

Nonetheless, because of different variables, the jp associates share price have gotten pace on the securities exchange lately. Through this article, we will take you through the jp associates share price target 2025 estimate and its cost focus in impending a long time to assist financial backers with choosing whether or not to put their well deserved cash into jp associates share price.

JP Partners Most recent News

  • JP Partners Restricted has flooded by 21% in 4 exchanging days to its one-year high of Rs 25.99 per share.
  • Jaiprakash Partners posted its consequences of the second from last quarter of 2023 with a total deficit of Rs 476.12 crores.
  • Absolute livelihoods of the JP Partners went down to Rs 1558.58 crores in the Oct-Dec quarter 2023 from Rs 1933.11 crores in the relating length of the last year.
  • In an explanation on November sixth, 2023, Jai Prakash Partners said that it has defaulted on a getting of Rs 4,258 crores from Banks and Monetary Foundations.
  • Jaiprakash Partners otherwise called ”Jaypee Gathering” has fixed a settlement with the ICICI Bank by consenting to move the 18.9 crores worth of portions of the organization to the Bank, according to administrative filings.

JP Associates Share Price Target (2024)

Month (2024)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs – Rs – 
FebruaryRs 31Rs 19
MarchRs 35Rs 21
AprilRs 36Rs 23
MayRs 38Rs 24
JuneRs 36Rs 21
JulyRs 39Rs 26
AugustRs 40Rs 28
SeptemberRs 42Rs 29
OctoberRs 46Rs 31
NovemberRs 43Rs 34
DecemberRs 48Rs 33

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

JP Associates Share Price Target (2025)

Month (2025)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs 51.44Rs 38.55
FebruaryRs 54.66Rs 39.34
MarchRs 52.73Rs 41.90
AprilRs 58.77Rs 44.35
MayRs 56.35Rs 46.74
JuneRs 55.67Rs 43.96
JulyRs 60.35Rs 48.37
AugustRs 65.78Rs 50.98
SeptemberRs 63.23Rs 51.53
OctoberRs 68.67Rs 53.00
NovemberRs 69.24Rs 52.47
DecemberRs 70.00Rs 50.40

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-relat44ed commitment)

JP Associates Share Price Target (2026 to 2030)

Year Maximum TargetMinimum Target
2026Rs 79.66Rs 51.32
2027Rs 91.90Rs 66.97
2028Rs 104.21Rs 75.53
2029Rs 111.76Rs 80.88
2030Rs 126.73Rs 91.07

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

JP Associates Financials (2023)

Revenue74.39 Trillion INR⬆ 21.64% YOY
Operating expense11.42 Billion INR⬇ -19.89% YOY
Net Income-13.42 Billion INR⬆ 9.21% YOY
Net Profit Margin-18.04 ⬆ 25.36% YOY
Earnings Per Share  
EBITDA9.37 Billion INR⬆ 72.49%
Effective Tax Rate-4.99% 
Total Assets377.68 Billion INR⬆ 1.01%  YOY
Total Liabilities390.71 Billion INR⬆ 4.61%  YOY
Total Equity-13.03 Billion INR 
Return on assets0.70% 
Return on Capital1.53% 
P/E Ratio  
Dividend Yield  

JP Partners LTD Shareholding Example

  • Advertisers: 29.97%
  • FII: 0.97%
  • DII: 8.97%
  • Common Assets: 0.09%
  • Retail and Others: 60.00%

JP Partners LTD Contenders (Market Cap: 6,431.04 crores INR)

  • Larsen and Toubro Ltd (Market Cap: 467,289.15 crores INR)
  • Rail Vikas nigam ltd (Market Cap: 54,033.3 crores INR)
  • NBCC (Market Cap: 26,730 crores INR)
  • IRCON Global (Market Cap: 20,813.61 crores INR)
  • GMR Air terminals Infra (Market Cap: 53,659.55 crores INR)

Focuses to consider prior to putting resources into JP Partners NSE Stock

  • JP Partners’ Benefit net benefit came to Rs 172.85 crores for the December Quarter 2023 from benefit of Rs 68.66 crores in the September Quarter 2023.
  • DRS Finvest examiners have recommended Jaypee Stock to opposition at the Rs 25 level in the close to term.
  • Ramachandran from Tips2trades is bullish about the offer cost of JP Partners.
  • Since Jaypee Gathering or JP Partners is a broadened business combination in India, its possibilities elevating the organization possibilities are higher.
  • Jaiprakash Partners has been experiencing on the Public Stock Trade of India for a really long time as financial backers looked with desire to observe the development in its stock costs.
  • Jai Prakash Partners Offer Cost has been out for the count on the Public Stock Trade since its 2008 high of Rs 323.73.


The Offer Cost of JP Partners has been battling to get pace for an extensive stretch on the securities exchange however as of late has gotten pace expanding by 210% over the most recent a half year of exchanging. jp associates share price NSE increased by 423% since February fifteenth however is just up by 113% in the event that you return to its stock cost in 2004. This is to a great extent because of the JP Partners stock ruin in 2008 and 2009 in the wake of expanding strongly.

As a financial backer, it is prompted for you to direct careful examination about the organization’s weaknesses and its assets in various ways and really at that time push ahead with the venture related responsibility. Master guidance is enthusiastically suggested while putting your well deserved cash in the securities exchange.


What is the JP Partners Offer Value Focus in 2025?

JP Partners NSE’s Portion Value Focus by 2025 is between Rs 70 and Rs 38.

What is the JP Partners Offer Value Focus in 2026?

JP Partners NSE’s Portion Value Focus for the year 2026 is between Rs 79 and Rs 51.

What is the JP Partners Offer Value Focus in 2030?

JP Partners NSE’s Portion Cost in 2030 is anticipated to stay between Rs 126 and Rs 91.

What is the JP Partners Offer Value Focus in 2024?

JP Partners NSE’s Portion Value Focus for the year 2024 is between Rs 48 and Rs 19.

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