Sustainability and QR Codes: How can QR codes help spread environmental awareness?

The future is green, indeed! As temperatures rise, governments and organizations worldwide are frantically searching for solutions to the looming, urgent threat that climate change poses to our existence.

Everyone is concerned about sustainability or the ability of humans and the biosphere to coexist. Recent events like the bushfires in Australia and the Amazon rainforest show ecological imbalance.

QR codes and sustainability can go hand in hand to spread environmental awareness to everyone.  

Even if your company or brand is making a conscious effort to reduce its environmental impact, you must communicate this message to consumers and consider using an advanced QR code generator online as part of your overall strategy.

Top 3 ways that QR Codes can help spread environmental awareness

QR codes and sustainability can help your company become a brand or business that cares more about the environment.

Here are three ways a QR Code might help you be more eco-friendly:

  1. Recycle

This mantra of sustainable practices is as relevant as ever. QR Codes can help businesses reduce waste.

Unnecessary packaging, flyers, and inserts should be removed. If you’re offering a service, offer digital materials instead of printed ones.

A PDF QR Code has been effective in helping restaurants offer contactless solutions and reduce waste.

QR Codes on packaging let consumers download manuals and brochures. This reduces waste and saves businesses from printing costs.

  1. To reduce paper consumption

Most paper comes from trees. Statistically, it makes up 93% of all paper produced.

A QR Code can store unlimited data. QR Codes can convert printed documents to digital versions.

Not exactly. You can give a QR Code instead of a printed booklet. When scanned, this QR Code can lead to a PDF, video, or infographic with product instructions.

  1. Keep consumers informed about their options.

Wondering where your milk and fruit came from? QR codes can help.

The Soil Association, a British charity promoting sustainable and organic food production, has developed an Android app to track consumers’ produce.

Blockchain technology isn’t just for fashion supply chains, though. Food and beverage companies should tell consumers where their food comes from.

Brands utilizing QR codes for their sustainability campaigns


Nestle has been a sustainability leader for years, working on more sustainable packaging and work environments.

For one, they started building schools in Ivory Coast, where they buy cocoa.

They also discuss charities they support and how they reduce waste. Using QR codes on food packaging, they share ingredients too small for labels and give consumers insight into the company’s process, goals, and values.


H&M is a well-known multinational clothing retailer. It has devised a clever method of encouraging people to recycle unwanted clothing.

Some of the stores now have high-tech recycling bins. People can donate their unwanted clothing from any brand here. And H&M repurposes these garments into textile fibers or incorporates them into new collections.

When you finish donating, a QR Code appears on the screen. The donor can scan this QR Code to receive a 15% discount on their next H&M purchase.

The United Kingdom’s energy consumption initiative

In 2015, the UK’s Department of Energy and Climate Change implemented QR Codes on energy bills.

Each bill must include a QR Code. When scanned, this QR Code provides consumers with information on their gas and electricity expenses.

According to the government, the QR Code will assist people in understanding their bills. And possibly, even a better tariff deal.

You now understand how QR Codes can be used to promote sustainability, and how various industries are using them.

Sustainability has emerged as a megatrend as it encourages businesses to adopt cutting-edge tools like QR codes.

Now that you understand how a QR Code can help your business remain sustainable, the next step is to create one with the best QR code generator with logo software. 

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