All you need to know about multi-room audio

Everyone knows that music is what feeds the soul because it invokes feelings in us. Since music is a huge part of everyone’s life, one of the best Smart Home Features

 by Symosis is Multi-room Audio.

According to studies conducted at John Hopkins medicine, music is an anecdote for anxiety, elevated blood pressure and it improves the mood of the listener. Furthermore, music is also known to increase memory. 

Most family members have entirely different taste in music, everyone prefers their taste in music over others. Consequently, the beautiful symphony becomes the leading cause of heated arguments. Multi-room audio is an amazing smart home feature that allows every member of the family to enjoy the music that they dote on, on speakers all throughout their home. In addition, multi-room audio also allows you to listen to everyone’s music all at once!

What is Multi-room audio?

Having multi-room audio is a very recent concept, only a few years ago people used to listen to music on CD or cassette player. The kitchen of most of the houses, had a radio sitting idly on the window sill and in the bedroom, there used to be an alarm-clock-come-radio device.

It was hard to imagine that one can listen to music in the house without any occasion. During Barbecues, people would increase the volume and open the windows, just so they could hear music.

 Now multi-room audio has come and allowed the homeowners to listen to music throughout the day in every room of their house. 

Multi-room audio is basically a practice of connecting several speakers together, making you relish music in every corner of your home. The main components of an audio-system stay within a dedicated box called an AV cabinet. 

 You can monitor the system with your phone, to stream the music all across your home. The multi-room audio is composed of various components and it allows you to change or include wireless and wired speakers, soundbars and other AV equipment. 

If you already own an AV equipment, you can experiment with matrix AV receivers and matrix switches. There are a couple of ways you installed multi-room audio operates, the first is to connect it with your home network, which is connected to all of your smart appliances. The second and more beneficial method is the wired installation. This method allows speakers to link back to your main audio sources and components. 

With everything being said, let’s take a glimpse at 5 great reasons to install multi-room audio.

  1. It helps you to start your day with a happy face

The mysterious power of music taking over us and how transforming our mood is already mentioned above. Just like listening to soft rhythm soothes our minds, listening to rock bands can make our heart beat faster, consequently making us feel more energetic. 

So start your day with the right note using multi-room audio.  

Start your mornings with a soft track or the one that makes you feel more awake, washing all slumber away from your eyes. For the bathroom you can play a get ready music, to make you feel more and more ready for the day. 

Different music for different rooms

So, you have invited your family friends for a weekend get-together. When they arrive, the drinks start to flow and before you know it, it is a party atmosphere. Some of your friends start playing chess or a game of charades. The gossip session starts and everyone now starts getting more and more excited. Your multi-room audio will rise to the occasion and help you add music to the charged atmosphere. 

Notifies dangers

If you are worried that blaring music might get you and everyone in the family too carried away. Then take a sigh of relief, as no matter how loud the track is playing on multi-room audio, you will still be notified regarding potential danger. So if your home catches fire or if there is a smoke or water leakage, the music will instantly pause. The multi-room audio would either start broadcasting the alarm or play a message about the mishap.

Ideal for every situation

After a long and exhausting day at work, doing yoga will help you to unwind everything. A great playlist by the multi-room audio will accompany you and help you find your breathing focus.  

Furthermore, listening to songs while cooking is proved to be one of the most cathartic activities. Therefore, instead of having karaoke contents in the kitchen, you can play your favourite songs in the background, while channelling your inner Gordon Ramsay.

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