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Does it mean that you can grow cannabis at home but have no way of knowing if the plants you’re growing are male or female? Afterwards, you’ve arrived at the correct destination! Using the information in this article, you will be able to tell the difference between male and female cannabis plants, allowing you to gender your cannabis plants correctly.

When it comes to determining the gender of our cannabis plants when they are still very young, my mission is to demonstrate to you how we do it. During a plant’s development and blossoming, the presence of the parasite becomes increasingly apparent. 

Sexing Cannabis

Sexing cannabis plants during the early pre-flowering period, on the other hand, can be a little more challenging, but it is undoubtedly doable! Here we will learn about the importance of determining the gender of cannabis plants, the differences between regular and feminised seeds, how to care for our plants until we know their gender, and how to deal with unwanted male plants.

If you’re a first-time visitor to United Strains of America, be sure to look around at our other cannabis-related posts as well. Outdoor cultivation accounts for the majority of our production, which is organic. We make every effort to provide helpful information that is easy to understand for both new and experienced gardeners alike. Remember that this material is intended for persons legally permitted to grow cannabis in their own homes.

If you are growing cannabis from feminized seeds, you shouldn’t have to worry about sexing your plants as much as you might otherwise. While it is not impossible, there is a very tiny probability that a feminized seed would yield a male plant, even if this is not guaranteed. 

In reality, it’s less than 1%. Over our years of cultivating, we have never had a female cannabis plant turn out to be a male, even though we only grow a few plants per year from feminized seeds. People who produce hundreds of plants may occasionally come upon a rare male, which is a bonus.

Pollinated Seeds

The majority of farmers find female-pollinated seeds to be highly desirable. They are effective. It’s practically a given that you’ll be devoting the majority of your time and resources to rearing ladies. Some growers, on the other hand, accept and even prefer ordinary (unsexed) seeds!

What is the point of growing ordinary cannabis seeds? Perhaps a particular breeder or strain you’d like to test only sells standard seeds, which is understandable. A small number of growers believe that the feminization process is unnatural and would prefer to go back to the basics by cultivating just ordinary seeds. 

Regular Seeds

Some people appreciate the thrill of the chase and the challenge. It doesn’t matter why you grow cannabis from regular seeds; the probability of having entirely female plants are not in your favour when you do it that way. You’ll wind up with a couple of males. Therefore, you must learn how to sex your cannabis plants properly! In addition, we always plant some additional “normal” seeds, expecting a 50/50 chance that some of them will be culled due to their maleness during the growing season.

Are you interested in learning more about the process of producing feminized seeds? Overall, feminized seeds come from cannabis plants that have been treated and altered so that the male chromosomes have been repressed or removed entirely. Regular spraying the plant with colloidal silver is the most common method of preventing fungus growth (daily or more frequently). 

Other chemicals and compounds can be used, but they are far more challenging to obtain and are more expensive. It is not recommended to inhale colloidal silver because even though it is officially “non-toxic.” Consequently, the plant is sacrificed because it is only used for pollination and seed production rather than for any other purpose.

Using colloidal silver repeatedly causes the plant’s ethylene production to be repressed, which is the component that is responsible for the creation of male flowers in the plant. FEMALE pollen will be produced by the treated female plant, while MALE pollen will be made by the untreated female plant (XX rather than XY). Following this, female pollen is employed by breeders to pollinate female flowers, resulting in the production of female seeds.

Feminized Cannabis Seeds

Similarly to the previous method, modelization produces feminized cannabis seeds that are identical to the prior procedure. It is a more natural process, but it is also less reliable, so breeders use it less frequently. 

Pollen sacks are occasionally formed in the buds of a female cannabis plant that has not yet been pollinated as a last-ditch effort to pollinate herself toward the end of the growing season, but this is extremely rare. It is possible that using that pollen to try to manufacture feminized seeds will be effective; yet, because ethylene has not been repressed, it is also possible that male seeds will be produced.

For the most part, the average home grower is seeking female cannabis plants to propagate and harvest. Flowers, also known as buds, are produced by the female and are the most extensive, fattest, most resinous, and most potent of all the cannabis species. Male cannabis plants are only desired if one plans to breed cannabis and save seeds for future propagation. 

Suppose the gardener does not desire unrestricted cross-pollination among many various types of stains. In that case, they should identify between male and female plants as soon as possible and keep them away from one another.

Male Cannabis

Apart from the fact that male cannabis plants are less attractive than female cannabis plants, they also have a detrimental impact on the quality and output of your female cannabis plant. During pollination, male flowers create pollen sacs, and female flowers produce pollen. An energy-draining process occurs when a female cannabis plant is pollinated by a neighbouring male cannabis plant, causing her to focus her resources on seed production.

Female cannabis plants, like the majority of other living things on the planet, are compelled to reproduce by a biological imperative. As soon as the act is completed, she will relax and take in the occasion’s atmosphere. A fertilized female cannabis plant will still produce reasonable-sized buds. Still, the buds will be of lower quality and contain less THC and other desired cannabinoids due to the pollination process. 

Not to mention the fact that they’ll be jam-packed with nutrients from the seeds. Leaving the flowers (buds) of a female cannabis plant unpollinated will result in the flowers (buds) becoming larger, developing more trichomes, and becoming increasingly sticky. 

To capture pollen carried by the wind, she attempts to become as moist and massive as possible. That delightful sinsemilla also known as unfertilized, seedless cannabis is a cannabis plant with a sweet, fruity flavour.

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