What does it take to answer about I am feeling curious?

We are living in the era of technology where we think about anything that looks impossible to think even but can happen in real life with the help of technology. In this modern era of technology, we can do multiple different things to kill our boredom.

I am feeling curious about the term which googles used to entertain folks around the globe. Google introduced this back in 2015.

It all depends on humans how they utilize this technology whether they use it for their advantages or they use it for some useless acts.

Alongside these tricks, Google has introduced many other tricks as well. Which will be discussed in this article as well.


I’m feeling curious. It is just a feature that Google introduced in 2015 just for fun. It’s just for fun. When we put this query on the google search bar it gives us different questions. It all depends on the nature of a user what type of temperament he/ she has.

Some people just get bored with no time and some people enjoy searching more and more about searching different things. When we type I’m feeling curious then google shows us randomly different results regarding this statement. Every time you write this statement at google search bar it gives us different results randomly that’s its interesting part which entertains a lot of people.

No Judgements.

The majority of us size up and make suspicions as we focus on others. Inquisitive individuals, on the diverse hand, have no secret plans. They are looking to perceive the perspectives of others, and are slanted to sit down in vagueness, open, and I’m feeling inquisitive aside from putting resources into the result. 

Inquisitive individuals are non-accusing, non-disgracing, and strong, cooperating, fixated on investigating picks to find the incredible arrangement, one that helps coordinate effort and prompts development.

Fun Facts.

As stated previously there are some more fun facts that were introduced at the time of popularity of this statement. I am feeling curious. Alongside this trick, there were some other tricks that took into play.

Here are those tricks which took place alongside this.

  • feeling trendy
  • feeling annoying
  • I am feeling artistic
  • I am feeling amazing

These all are introduced in that period when the popularity of i am feeling curious was at its peak.

All these statements give you the results according to the feeling you google about. When you search on google I am feeling trendy. It will give you the results about the latest trends which are currently out there. 

No Result

What if there will be no result shown when you type in? I am feeling curious.

Sometimes it shows nothing when we type it in the google search bar then we have to clear our cache from search history. You can handle this situation by doing these steps.

Open your browser, go to the search history and make your cache’s history clear.

General Knowledge

These tricks are not time-wasting tricks. These tricks help to improve your general knowledge about different things. You search so many different queries and in return google gives you a huge amount of data. That gives you knowledge about different things.

Final Thoughts

The magnificence of this stunt lies in that it executes all your interest alongside having a great time. It can help you in your school or college examinations or even in your calling too.

For instance while looking “I’m feeling inquisitive”, Google may show you the appropriate responses to inquiries like “What the primary coin was composed of?” anybody whose field of interest is prehistoric studies will absolutely think that it’s accommodating. Truth be told it contains very valuable data to know for every other person.

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