Meet the fastest caricaturist

Szczepan Sadurski lives in Poland. He is a satirist and journalist, and professionally he is mainly a caricaturist. Every few days, he participates in company and private events, drawing caricatures live at a very fast pace.

Drawing caricatures at events

Poland has an area of 322,575 km² and is a medium-sized European country. The fastest caricaturist has been traveling professionally all over the country for many years. His cheerful portraits make a smile appear on the faces of thousands of people.

Sadurski is not a typical caricaturist, so he never drew on the street. He draws for the national press, in television programs, illustrates books and school textbooks. His witty drawings are used in advertisements.

In Poland, he has long been a popular press cartoonist. One day, an event company approached him with a proposal of cooperation. “All Poles know your drawings. What if you also drew caricatures at events?” Sadurski took up the challenge and became an event artist 20 years ago.

When he recently counted the number of events and the average number of caricatures he draws per event, it turned out that he created 50,000 caricatures. Only in the last ten years.

The fastest caricaturist from Poland

What is the secret of the popularity of the most famous caricaturist in Poland? Firstly, his name and his drawings have been known for many years. She has an art education and loves to draw. In addition, he draws incredibly fast. Can you draw over 100 witty portraits in 4 hours? NO. Unless you are the fastest caricaturist in Poland!

Sadurski’s popularity also reached other countries. He drew caricatures at events in New York, he was invited to Australia and European countries. His caricatures brought smiles to faces everywhere. Also astonishment that there is an artist who can create witty caricatures at such an express pace.

It should not come as a surprise that a documentary film is being made of which he will be the protagonist. Soon we will learn many anecdotes from the interesting life of this excellent artist.

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