Know Who is Chocolaty Hero Waheed Murad

Following the Partition of India in 1947, when India and Pakistan became two free territories, the film business in Pakistan endured. The bulk of industry professionals were Hindus who migrated to India but fortunately, a variety of talented Muslims who had established themselves in Bombay migrated to Lahore and were ready to sustain the industry. The 50s are often seen because of the early years of Pakistani cinema, laying the inspiration for the movie industry in Pakistan.


Born on October 2, 1938, in Sialkot, Punjab, Waheed Murad grew up to be an outstanding movie star in Pakistan. He set up himself as a remarkable maker, entertainer, and content essayist. To the present day, his contributions to the Pakistani movie industry are held in the highest regard. Known for his appeal, delicate voice, and excellent ability, he was alluded to as the lord of sentiment and hence the “Chocolate Hero” of Pakistan.

Murad’s father, Nisar Murad was a rich film distributor and inspired him to pursue a career within the world of film and cinema. In 1960, Murad dispatched his creation house by the name of Film Arts and delivered his presentation film Insan Badalta Hai (1961), and later Jabse Dekha Hai Tumhen (1963).

Waheed Murad was still a student within the 60s, completing his Masters in English Literature from Karachi University. Under the banner of Film Art Productions, Murad went on to supply nine more films.


Aside from the movies, Murad additionally freely delivered Ishara (1969) and co-created Maa Beta (1969). Consistent with his close family and friends, Murad’s inspiration behind joining the film fraternity also stemmed from the will to serve his nation within the best way he could. Through films, Murad believed he was delivering important life lessons and messages to the state.

Murad started his acting vocation by doing an appearance part inside the film Saathi (1959), which was created by his family companion Syed Ishrat Abbas (stage name Darpan).  However, S M Yousuf’s film Aulaad (1962) is taken into account his debut in acting, where he played a guest appearance.

Santosh Kumar who was creating the film Aulaad, was additionally a family companion of Waheed Murad and on his solicitation, Murad filled a specific one among the entertainers who had pulled out.

Renown as a famous entertainer

As an entertainer, Waheed Murad was known for his polished skill and appreciated for his timeliness and participation. The star acted during an aggregate of 124 movies (115 Urdu, eight Punjabi, and one Pashto)  Among his hottest films were Heera Aur Pathar (1964), Armaan (1966), Andaleeb (1969), and Mastana Mahi (1971), that he won a Nigar Award within the best actor category.

In 1958, film journalist Ilyas Rasheedi launched the Nigar Awards to acknowledge excellence in cinematic achievement in Pakistan. The primary award distribution ceremony was held July 17, 1958 at Lahore’s Evernew Studios.

Golden Era of Film’s Industry

Murad and Ahmed Rushdie became a popular audio-video duo within the picturization of songs in films. Rushdie was one of Pakistan’s best adaptable vocalists who contributed fundamentally to the brilliant time of Pakistani film music.

The most elevated number of tunes to be recorded inside the historical backdrop of Pakistani film was recorded by Rushdie, in different dialects like Urdu, English, Bengali, and Gujrati. . He’s also credited as the first pop singer of South Asia who sang “Ko Ko Korina” within the film Armaan. Upon his demise in 1983, Murad is accepted to have said: “My voice has kicked the bucket today.” 


The Murad family included roots inside the Bahmani Kingdom of South India, from where they moved to Kashmir and ultimately to Sialkot inside the eighteenth century. In Sialkot, Murad’s granddad Zahoor Ilahi embraced the family name ‘Murad’ in 1887.

His brother Ferozuddin Murad was a tutorial who served as the head of the Department of Physics at Aligarh University in India and a trophy is awarded in his honor by the university per annum.

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