Best Alcohol Delivery Services

As a result of the ongoing COVID-19 outbreak, many bars and restaurants have closed or limited capacity around the country, making virtual happy hours a common occurrence. Sometimes, it’s the only time we get to hang out with each other outside of work that week! Because of this, alcohol delivery services are in high demand.

W’ve compiled a list of places that will bring the slang to you to help you stick to social distancing norms and avoid unnecessary trips to the liquor store. Everything from alcohol and mixers to wine and glassware can be delivered or shipped straight to your house using these services.

Many of these businesses provide no-contact delivery to lessen the hazards of drop-offs. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) says that the virus is “unlikely to be spread from… items or packaging” you’ll likely meet with these services.

Here are popular alcohol delivery services, as well as all the details on how they work and whether they’re available for local delivery (keep in mind that many states have restrictions on shipping alcohol across state lines), so you can find the best service to stock your mini-fridge for your next virtual “date” night with friends, your partner, or even alone!


Drizly is an alcohol delivery service that connects with local liquor merchants to get your beer or cocktail in hand—and quickly—in over 180 markets, including most major cities. In fact, in some areas, it will arrive in 60 minutes or less! In addition to traditional tequilas, gins, and the like, the company allows you to explore ready-to-drink alternatives. That means you’ll have a pre-mixed drink ready to go when your courier comes. If you prefer to be your amateur mixologist, Drizly can also deliver your mixers, ice, and garnishes, allowing you to take care of everything in one go.

While you can usually count on the internet to deliver your liquor in an hour or less, the site is now experiencing a spike of orders, causing delays, so keep in mind that your projected delivery time may be wrong right now.


Winc is a wine membership organization that seeks to teach you about wine. Based on your palate profile, the company can create a four-bottle wine package for you with reds, whites, or a mix of both.

Prices start around $13 per bottle, but new members receive a $20 discount on their first transaction. You can also change the contents of your box if you don’t like one of the included options. After that, you’ll be charged $60 per month for alcohol credits, though you can skip the monthly membership fee or terminate at any time. These credits never expire and can be used to stock up on cases of quality wine or to purchase a single bottle of a new varietal. Please keep in mind that delivery costs a flat charge of $9.


If there’s one alcohol delivery service you’ve probably heard of, it’s Postmates. Customers in various cities around the United States can browse a range of wine, spirits, and beer from local liquor merchants. They’ll even bring you the lime for your tequila for the $5 delivery cost! Prices vary by location, but a six-pack starts about $10 and can be ordered using the company’s app or desktop.

In reaction to the coronavirus pandemic, couriers are practicing no-contact delivery. The company has even established a relief fund to help cover exams and other medical expenses for workers who test positive. Employees who become unwell will also receive two weeks of paid sick leave.

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