As soon as the valentine’s day approaches we start to see a “sold out” sign at the florist’s, this is the most beautiful time as we all are celebrating love and the time when we all are thinking about how we can surprise our loved one. The box of chocolates and the expensive gifts does seem beautiful, but nothing can beat the valentines day flowers, these flowers are just perfect.

There are times when we are unable to tell the difference between the gerbera and daisy. Still, it is alright, there are so many more flowers which you can gift to your lover, and they always are the most popular choice for valentines, the flowers have their beauty. They tend to speak so much in such a short time and hold immense power in them. You can opt for so many flowers and remind your loved one about how much you love and care for them, and this is not a hard job. The only thing that you must remember is to book your bouquet in advance and then opt for these flowers. Everyone is looking forward to surprising their loved one, and this is the right time for you to get these flowers and surprise your loved one. Here are a few online valentines flowers that you can opt for:


The roses are the superstars of this occasion and are always in demand. You need to make your call to your florist in advance if you are going to opt for this flower for the valentines day occasion. These flowers are known for their romantic history and are the expression of true love and passion for the other person, so make sure that you are opting for these. These flowers are available in many colours. The red here stands for love, while pink is for admiration, the colour yellow is for prosperity and friendship and the white is for innocence and purity. Choose your bouquet accordingly.


The carnations are the long last flower and are beautiful for this occasion as well. The pink carnations are known for the symbolism of mother’s undying love, and you can always opt for the red carnation to remind your loved one about the passion and love that you have for them. Make sure that you are not going for yellow carnations as they tend to symbolise ignorance and neglect, and you would not want to convey this message to your lover. These flowers are fragrant and would be perfect for this occasion as well. You can always ask your florist to make you a beautiful bouquet out of these flowers.


These are bulbous and fragrant and are the flowers which require less attention as well. These would be perfect for your occasion as well. These flowers are known to symbolise love, wealth, beauty and passion. The orchids are exotic and will remind your loved one about the love and care that you have for them. You can always get these flowers online and send them to your loved one’s place. They are going to be happy to see these flowers that you have sent for them. You can always opt for online flower delivery in Kolkata or anywhere and surprise them.


The tulips are perfect for you if you are a new couple, these flowers also come in many colours and just like the other flowers these colours are symbolising one unique quality or another. These would be perfect for you, and you can always opt for them in no time. The tulips are perfect as yellow is known to symbolise cheerfulness and red and pink are given when there is a new relationship. These flowers are also long-lasting and would be perfect for you to opt for this year.


The peonies are perfect for your loved one, and they are fragrant as well, you can always opt for these flowers on this day. These flowers are known to symbolise the good fortune and romance in the relationship, and this is why many couples prefer this as well. To remind them about the happy relationship you can opt for these flowers this year.

These are a few popular flowers that you can opt for, make sure that you are ordering them in advance so that you can surprise your loved one on time. The care for these flowers is essential as well, so you must remind your loved one to change the water and clean the vase every 2-3 days and wish them a happy valentines day with these beautiful blooms this year. 

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