A hoodie style-guide for beginners

In the ever-changing world of fashion, trends come and go in a full circle. Not very long ago, hoodies were believed to be the garb of teenagers, but now they have shaken the fashion industry after being elevated to heights by top garments companies like Noir clothing in the UK. The hoodie is now morphed into fashion wear that offers style and versatility. 

According to some people, the origin of hoodie dates back to days of yore, however, we find it hard to draw similarities in this fashion wear and robe of a Medieval monk. It is believed that hoodies came into existence by the 1930s. This happened when brand Champion of the US took the popular sweatshirt worn by nerds and jokers alike and added a zip-up fastening and a hood. This attire was made for cold-storage warehouse workers of Manhattan. The football players quickly made these modified jackets into oversized hoodies to keep themselves warm, while waiting at sidelines during a heavy downpour. From then on, it didn’t take long before students in America have seen sporting hoodies. The students wore hoodies with the emblazoned name of their institutes, giving birth to a custom that is alive even today. 

However, what really fueled the popularity of hoodie was the rebellious image that coincided with it. During the Youthquake in the 1970s, the burgeoning styled tribes, along with R&B and rap artists, took the streets in hoodies, to denounce the formal starch getups of their forefathers. This gave birth to street style and made hoodie an emblem of it. 

Keeping the dissident roots of hoodies aside, it is a garment that is the perfect fusion of style and comfort. If you read on, we will introduce you to the benefits of wearing hoodies. 


Hoodies are easily the most comfortable of all men’s winter wear. Although baggy knitwears and long coats are also great for winters, for many events they look inappropriate. Because bulky dresses like those might keep you warm during winters, but wearing them might feel like wrapping a blanket around yourself. While hoodies are great for moving around and they also feel very comforting against the skin. 


Unlike most winter wear, hoodies make you look leaner and far more appealing. There are also many varieties of hoodies that can be worn on different occasions. So choose the one that fits and matches your taste and enjoy the outdoors this winter. 


Hoodies can be worn with several different outfits. For instance, you can wear them with denim, joggers, and even dress pants. You can also rock your look with hoodies by putting on a pair of sneakers or any coat shoes. So feel free to improvise and make the right combination for different events. 

Casual look

 Nothing beats a hoodie if you are looking for an attire to put on for casual occasions. Another thing that is great about the hoodie is that it is not strictly winter wear, since there are hoodies for summers as well. So next time, if you find yourself worrying about what to wear for a party at your friend’s places.  A dress pant can make you look overdressed and putting on a tee can make you appear too casual. Grab a hoodie that matches your bottoms and voila! 

Your not-so-formal formal look is ready. To complete your look, you can add a wristwatch, shades and bit of men’s jewellery. Shop at Noir LDN to find luxury hoodies that are tailored to perfection!

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