Wide Variety Of Marine Foam Decking

The number of marine flooring possibilities has increased dramatically during the previous decade. The quality of materials and the simplicity with which they can be installed have both improved considerably as a result of technical breakthroughs. Fabricators must keep ahead of the curve and have a solid awareness of the goods available in order to effectively suit the needs of their clients in this cycle of continual development.

Marine Foam Decking Options

The wide variety of marine foam decking options available, ranging from carpet to teak and foam to woven vinyl, can make it difficult for fabricators to know which materials to employ in which situations.In terms of life expectancy, woven vinyls are excellent choices, with some manufacturers providing up to a 10-year warranty against UV and fading. The backing of a woven vinyl rug is crucial to the comfort and lifespan of the rug. 

PVC Cushion Backing

A PVC cushion backing is included with some Infinity Woven Products, and the flooring face is directly attached to the cushion backing. Because of this, the composite material provides cushioning underfoot and antibacterial properties throughout the entire composite material. Infinity offers standard widths of 10′ and 8’6″ in a variety of cushion backing thicknesses that can be applied directly to the cushion, loosely laid, or snapped into place.

Woven Vinyl Flooring

Of course, there are advantages and disadvantages to every type of flooring, and woven vinyl is no exception. The woven vinyl mats, according to Salvatore, are “durable, easy to clean, and stain resistant.” “However, they can be rough to the touch, have a minimalist design aesthetic, and can be slippery especially when wet.”

The rich appearance and feel of blended woven hybrid yarns is similar to that of a more textured “fabric-like” surface. The manufacturers of these goods claim that they provide superior traction and absorb far less heat than other types of marine foam decking flooring.

Lower Grade Items

The tendency for exposed yarn to disintegrate more quickly in severe situations is a source of concern with this sort of flooring, particularly with lower-grade items of poorer quality. Additionally, certain blended woven yarn items make use of padding that is designed for indoor usage only, which might become brittle when exposed to harsh outside conditions. Water can be trapped in the fibers of these lower-quality carpets, and sand and smells can be trapped as well.

Woven hybrid consisting of both PVC and polyolefin yarns for enhanced texture and slip resistance,” explains Holly Harrison, marketing director at Corinthian Textile Solutions in Portland, Ore. “It is the first of its kind in the industry.” This flooring is “advanced while remaining useful,” according to Harrison, and it can be used in a variety of applications, including direct-glue pontoon floors and custom-fabricated boat carpets. “Traditional marine carpeting, while not as fashionable as some other options, is nevertheless a traditional choice.”

Final Words

She claims that Corinthian’s products are incredibly durable, and that rather of wearing out, they are more likely to “ugly out,” which means that a boat owner wants to change the appearance of the boat rather than that the product itself is worn out.

Closed-cell EVA foam decking is non-absorbent and provides good cushioning. It comes in 4-by-8-foot sheets in various patterns, colors, and teak appearances. These materials are easy to install with peel and stick. Marine foam decking is also easy to clean, stain resistant, and non-slip. Foam is also cooler than conventional surfaces and soft underfoot.

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