End of tourism due to coronavirus pandemic travel industry

Impact of pandemic on Tourism:-

The coronavirus pandemic has adversely affected every country. As travelling is prohibited all over the world, it destroyed the whole world’s tourism. The overcrowded cities are emptied now due to fear of an epidemic, resulting in lower income to tourists. The tourism has faced many disasters before the hold of coronavirus, but at present, there is created a horror on seashores resulting in banned cruise ships for voyage. The people are afraid of infection spread in ships and surroundings. So people bound themselves in their homes and denied tourism. Even, holiday programmers are also facing problems in their daily wages as there is no customer for spending holidays in naturally beautiful places. 

Sea is facing Calamities:-

It is rumored all over the seas that shipmen are also infected with contamination of coronavirus. It is rumored through WhatsApp sharing that seashores and ships are fully infected by virus. The Diamond Princess is the first ship, which suffered the outbreak of coronavirus. In the mid of February, it was estimated that 355 cases of coronavirus were reported on this ship. So authorities held this ship in quarantine. It is saying that fourteen passengers of this ship died of disease caused by a coronavirus.  

All the cruise ships are now significant disease suspect’s outbreak resulting in devastation of the tourism industry on seas. As an estimate, 100,000 population of staff and tourists are bound in sea isolation due to this epidemic. Now, they are facing a massive hunger strike on the ships. So people stopped to go for tours on these ships. This is a big loss and people like us are suffering, we love to travel when get off from law essay help on these ships. Hope this pandemic dissolve soon and we can start our journey.

Loss of community economy:-

Tourism always supports the economy of the whole community. But at present in the pandemic of coronavirus, it devastated the economies of communities which relied on it. All the tourist activities are collapsed at the time, thus putting the communities into a danger of survival. The coronavirus has revealed the terrifying as well as a beautiful picture of the whole world without tourism industry. Many families and towns are deprived of jobs due to the prohibition of tourism in this pandemic.

Effect on the Global economy:-

On the 7th of May, the Organization for World Tourism drew an estimate of eighty per cent decrease in tourism this year. It will affect a loss of $1.7tn to the whole world while about 120 million people will lose their jobs related to the tourism industry this year. This industry has been influenced more than any other sector as it relies on the movement of crews and enhances the chances of spread of the virus.

Tourism industry has profound impacts on the global economy; we have faced an unimaginable loss of economics in six months. But we have no opportunity to tackle this horrible issue still. As an estimate, one in every ten jobs is directly dependent on the tourism industry, as it brings foreign money to every country. The hotels are opened to strengthen the economy by tourism. The other dependents are tour agencies, airlines and local guides which provide services to tourists.

Measures to continue industry of tourism:-

The government should pass a detailed bill in assembly regarding the safety plans of tourists and places for tourism. As this industry directly influences the significant portion of the economy of the country, it is the utmost need of time to rehabilitate this industry healthily. Though the virus has been spread everywhere, but still we can control it with taking in time measures. Government should prohibit the number of tourists in a tour to minimize spread of coronavirus. There should be the allocation of authorities to make ensure social distancing in the whole journey. A complete and proper awareness of safety measures should be preached to the tourist by different methods. All the ships and airlines must follow precautionary measured issued by government to maintain a hygiene environment. It is also the responsibility of tourists to maintain a healthy environment for the savage of their lives. Tourism Companies should be given an essential training regarding safety measures. 

Moreover, the tourism industry is adversely affecting the greenhouse ecosystem. 

Government should make policy to control pollution caused by this industry as potentially active areas of tourism have an intensive amount of carbon in the environment due to petrol and other engine workings. Air travel has devastated 8% of our greenhouse gas over the world till now. The tourism demand is increased, there is an increase in carbon emission, which destroys greenhouse gas. Government should introduce a decarburizations technology for the tourism industry.

Tourism industry is an integral part of the economy of every country. But we should not give value to it as a vital industry because it has adverse effects on our globe. These effects are more terrible than the beauty of foreign incomes. It is not a right of holidaymakers, as they see it as luxurious to pay its way. 

 On the other side of the picture, the coronavirus has allowed us to improve our ecosystem by the prohibition of all pollution-causing activities like airline operations etc.

Although it destroyed our economy, but it provided us with a golden opportunity to repair our greenhouse ecosystem losses. The carbon emission in the air is reduced, resulting in repair of the ozone layer. The government needs forward planning to improve both the industry and healthy ecosystem of globe. The old fashioned and worthless ships machinery should be replaced with modern machinery so that carbon emission is decreased in the air because the only way to protect the greenhouse gas is the least exposure of carbon gases to the atmosphere. All the air-jets which are subjected to produce more pollution should be repaired or replaced with new technology as modern technology is environmental-friendly. 

Tourism industry should be lessened to some limit in those areas, where it is dominating too much. We cannot control it prospectively across the whole world, but measure can be made on the country level. As an international industry, it comprises of manufacturing of airline engines. It is not as much beneficial as thought to be, except of foreign exchange.

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