IEX Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030

Indian Energy Trade restricted (IEX) is an organization in light of the Indian electronic framework and the power exchanging trade. The objectives are fixed, for example, Indian Energy Trade restricted (IEX) is an organization in light of the Indian electronic framework and the power exchanging trade. The IEX share price targets are being fixed, for example, IEX share price target 2024 . The objectives of offer costs can be possibly set on the off chance that there is some thought or expectation with respect to the offer cost in the future accordingly IEX Offer cost future forecast is likewise being made by the organization. As the objectives in regards to the offer costs are being fixed consistently, the expectations can’t be made consistently as it requires part of exertion and is time taking also so the organization makes forecasts in five years specifically IEX share price expectation 2025 in which the expectation will be made for the impending five years that is till 2030. In 2030 another expectation will be made to be specific IEX share price forecast 2030 and the cycle will proceed with like clockwork. There are two functional power trades in all over India and shockingly IEX is one of them. The tasks of IEX were begun on 27 June 2008. The organization for the most part centers around exchanging of force in all over India and its improvement likewise gives the electronic stage in the power market. This organization being a huge organization performs for an enormous scope thus it contains different makers, brokers of force and furthermore gives open admittance to shoppers be it modern or business.

Significant Focuses in regards to IEX:-

·         In the most recent quarter that is October to December 2023 the IEX organization has acquired rupees 88.33 crores from net benefit after charge.

·         IEX has fabricated an incredible standing all over India consequently it is considered as an extraordinary choice for long haul ventures.

·         The market Worth or the total assets of the organization is around rupees 13,108 Cr as on 31 December 2023

·         The IEX stock has acquired 12.55 percent in most recent a half year and around 5.18 percent over the most recent one year.

·         A notification was newly given by CERC, as per which a slight downfall has been found in the offer value which is almost 4.8 percent.

·         The IEX organization is one of the best plan of action as it gives solid upper hand and furthermore ok for long haul ventures

·         The organization is sans obligation and as sound Interest inclusion proportion of 159.22

·         There is a phenomenal benefit development of the organization throughout the course of recent years with a CAGR of 19.1 percent.

·         One of the impediments of the organization is that its stock exchanges at 15.2 seasons of its book esteem.

IEX share price target 2026

Months     Target price2024Target Price 2025Target Price 2026  Target Price 2027  
January       155.40        163.10         169.55       180.60
February      155.45        164.10         169.95       181.65 
March        156.50        164.20         170.50       182.70
April         157.50         165.20         170.55       182.95
May         157.60         165.15         170.70       183.70
June         157.75         166.10         171.80       184.80
July          158.75         167.20         172.00       184.80
August       158.80         167.30         173.30       186.35
September    159.90          167.35         175.35       186.35
October       160.90         168.40         177.40       187.40
November      161.95         168.40        178.40       188.40
December      162.30         169.25        180.50       189.50

IEX Funds:-

All out Income: 474 crore

Overall gain: 305 crore

Market Worth/Total assets: 13,108 Cr

Book esteem: 9.56

Face Worth: 1.00

Return on Value (ROE): 39.4 percent

Return on capital utilized: 51.8 percent

Build yearly development rate: 19.1 percent

P/E Proportion: 38.28

Premium inclusion Proportion: 159.22 percent

Profit payout proportion: 48.6 percent

Profit Yield Proportion: 0.69 percent

Income per Offer (EPS): 3.84

IEX Shareholding Example:-

The Shareholding example of the organization is being dispersed in the accompanying way:

Retail and Others: 61.66 percent

Common Assets: 20.44 percent

Unfamiliar Establishments: 13.37 percent

Other Homegrown Establishments: 4.53 percent

IEX Competitors:

·         GVK Power

·         SUZLON

·         Urja Global

·         Indowind Energy

·         Tata Power

·         NHPC

·         Reliance Power

·         APS India

·         JSW Energy


Indian energy trade that is the IEX Organization is one of developing organization and is creating gigantic gains it depends on Indian electronic framework and spotlights on the exchanging of force all around the country Similarly, the offer value expectation is likewise being spread the word about as IEX share price future forecast in which just an expectation is made it very well may be off-base from here on out or probably won’t be the forecast is made in like clockwork, for example, IEX share price expectation 2025 and IEX share price expectation 2030. The forecasts are unique in relation to targets, they are not exactly the same thing and their qualities vary too.


Ques: Is the IEX Organization can be considered for a drawn out venture?

Ans: Indeed, the organization is one of the most secure choices for long haul speculations.

Ques: What is the Offer Value Expectation made for the year 2025?

Ans: 169.25.

Ques: What is the IEX share price target 2026 and IEX share price target 2027?

Ans: The offer cost focuses for 2026 and 2027 are 180.50 and 189.50 individually.

Ques: What is the most recent net benefit procured by IEX?

Ans: The most recent benefit procured by IEX is 8.33 crores in the third quarter of 2023.

Ques: What is the general total assets or market worth of IEX?

Ans: The market is 13,108 Cr as on Dec 31 2023.

Ques: What is the portion of Common Subsidizes in the Shareholding Example of IEX?

Ans: The Shareholding Example is 20.44 percent.

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