Types of consultants in the construction industry

We all have at least once in our life seen the construction work. We all are aware of the variety of work that it includes when it comes to the construction of a building or a home. 

Still, many people are not aware of the exact techniques of construction. Because of this reason, most of the people while constructing opt for building project consulting. But, as one person cannot have the knowledge of the whole construction hence the person willing to construct has to consult with Flyttehjelp Oslo while constructing a home. 

Let’s go through some of the types of consultants in the construction industry.   

  • Architect

The Major role of an Architect is to design the house to be constructed. The architect is also responsible for preparing the concept design and also preparing the detailed design. Inspecting the work that is being executed properly also includes one of the roles of an architect. 

It is very important for an architect to conduct the tests and survey on the type of soil in the area and the type of area and the strength of the ground to bear the weight of the building and accordingly design the building on the basis of these factors.

  • Structural engineer

The very important duty of the structural engineer is to plan the structure of the building and construct it according to the structure designed by him or her. The aim of consulting a structural engineer before constructing a house is to build a stable structure for the construction that would be unaffected for many years irrespective of the climatic conditions of the place. The structural engineer acknowledges the climatic conditions, soil conditions of the place and designs a structure of the home or building which can stand steady for many years.

  • Civil Engineer

The civil engineer is responsible for constructing, designing, maintaining, and improving the site to be constructed. It is expected that the whole project of construction can be managed by the civil engineer. 

The training of civil engineers includes various lessons on how to survey the land on which the construction is being held, which materials to use during construction, what process we need to follow while constructing a building or home, and lots more.  

The role of the civil engineer is very important in building project consulting. It is expected that a civil engineer can handle the complete project of construction.

  • Services Engineer

The role of a services engineer in building project consulting is to inspect, monitor, and take care of the systems in the construction that makes the construction efficient, safe, and resourceful. 

To be more specific, the services engineers take care of the air conditioning, water heating machines, drainage, and fire alarms of the building at which the construction is being planned. 

These are the effective systems that these days every construction needs. Hence, the service engineer plays a vital role in construction projects provided the services engineer should be able to apply the required key components as mentioned above in such a way that these services work in a good condition for many years.

Chartered environmentalist

The role of the chartered environmentalist is to take care of the environment around the construction site so that the construction does not harm the environment. 

These days it is very important to consult the chartered environmentalist for building project consulting because the amount of pollution is increasing in the world and this consultant’s duty includes suggesting the methods and use of materials in the construction that causes less or no harm to the environment. 

  • Interior designer

The role of the interior designer is to design the interior of the construction in such a way that it should look attractive. The interior designer plays a major role in construction when the construction of hospitals, restaurants, theatres, schools, colleges, and luxury houses is going on. 

This consultant gives his or her fullest in order to make the construction attractive and improve the accommodation of the construction. The money limit of the clients is the limit of the interior decorator in order to make the construction attractive. According to the budget provided by the client, the interior makes the construction attractive.

  • Fire engineering consultants

These consultants generally play a vital role in huge construction projects like shopping complexes, educational institutes, hospitals, etc. The role of fire engineering consultants is to apply all the measures that will keep the building safe from the fire. The fire engineering consultants work and inspect the systems like fire extinguishers, fire alarms and plan the position of these appliances in a place where the building or the construction would be safe from the fire that may cause harm to the building. 

  • Ecologists

These consultants are usually required on the construction project that is being held in a place that is the natural habitat of plants and animals in that area. Hence, it is expected of the ecologist to suggest a method to continue the construction process in such a way that the construction is being completed without harming the natural habitat of that place. 

Most of the time when large deforestation is required for the construction of a project then usually a person aiming for the construction consults the Ecologists. But, these days every construction should be done under the guidance of ecologists as these days the construction is harming the environment and the habitat of the animals living in that particular area.

  • Construction manager

Construction managers play a very important role in construction projects. The responsibilities of a construction manager include keeping records of all the expenses that will be required during the construction, supervising the work that is done regularly during the construction, Keeping the records of the total number of laborers working with different types of drills at construction sites, and so on. The construction manager is the boss on the construction site i.e. all the laborers and the clerks on the construction site have to follow the orders of the construction manager.


If you wish for strong and quality construction then consult the few experts in the construction industry while building project consulting to make the construction eco-friendly and durable.

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