How to Get Rid of Common Household Pests

Let’s get one thing right; we aren’t saying tiny pests like roaches and bed bugs aren’t essential for the ecosystem. They totally are. However, when they infiltrate into spaces they aren’t meant to, your home, for instance, then it’s nothing far from annoyance.

Not to mention the plethora of diseases they bring in, household pests can poke a big hole in your pockets, quite literally and otherwise. Let’s look at the most common ones, so you can be sure to take steps whenever you spot one.


You might be tricked into thinking your house is clean of mice if you haven’t bumped into one yet. Oh well, you might be mistaken. While it isn’t necessary to see one of these scurryings across the house, mice droppings and nibbled books are proof enough, you got several of these nestlings away in the creases.

Especially, as mice are way smaller in size than rats, getting rid of them might be equally challenging. You can start by not leaving any unattended food bits and pieces around the space. Mice traps and glue boards are a good option too, however, do not hesitate to contact professional exterminators if they see their population rising significantly.


If we take the health factor into consideration, cockroach infestation might be one of the most haunting experiences for households. These inch-long insects carry and spread salmonella and the hepatitis virus too. 

Besides, damaging the property is just another reason why you’d want to get rid of them as soon as possible. Well, bug sprays can only do so much when it comes to roaches, so either you’d wanna go with mechanical traps or rather call in the professionals and let them handle the infestation.


Speaking of damage to property, termites can prove to be house owners’ worst enemies. These white, cream, and black insects particularly attack the lumber used in construction and cause a significant loss if not curbed at the right time.

In case you didn’t know termite populations can grow by a thousand individuals in a single day, and devastate wood fitting in a sitting. So, to save yourself from this hassle, you first need to run the inspection before buying it. Get in done professionally before moving in.

However, if you noticed a termite infestation later in time, exterminator companies have services pertaining to that too. Simply book a call, and they’ll drop by at the decided date. 


Many folks tend to overlook ants initially, nevertheless, you wouldn’t want to do this blunder because the sooner you act the less energy and money it will cause you. Ants have an advantage due to their size, so make sure you keep the house clean of any such thing that could attract these insects.

You can run a deep cleaning session every once in a while to lessen the chances, though the damage caused by ants is somewhat lesser than the other common pests featured on this list.

Summing Up

In order to save yourself from repeating the hassle, you should make sure to take good care once you get rid of the infestation. Firstly, never leave food bits on the ground. You wouldn’t want to leave any other food items in the open either.

Lastly, don’t procrastinate in getting cracks and openings fixed, so as to make sure you look these daunting pests out of your cozy house.

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