Top Three Strains for Psilocybin Mushrooms

Even seasoned magic mushroom users are often shocked to learn that psilocybin mushrooms come in various strains. Psilocybin mushrooms, like cannabis, come in a wide range of varieties. However, not all psilocybin mushroom strains are produced equal. Some strains have more potent psychedelic effects than others, while others can change their effects with stronger emotions or visual hallucinations. We selected three of our favourite varieties of magic mushrooms for general use and researched their history and effects. Check out our guide to magic mushroom strains for more information on these psilocybin fungi.

Magic Mushroom Strains

Psilocybin can be found in approximately five separate mushroom genera (genera means “more than one genus”). Copelandia, Gymnopilus, inocybe, panaeolus, pholiotina, pluteus, and psilocybe are only a few of the many species. Psilocybin-containing mushroom strains can be found in hundreds of different genera. While some strains are peculiar to particular areas, these mushrooms grow naturally all over the world. Psilocybe cubensis is the genus and species that all three of our favourite strains belong to.

A list of such strains can be found here. Golden Teachers have excellent instruction and have a pleasant demeanour. For seasoned psychonauts, Penis Envy provides a more powerful psychedelic experience. On the other hand, Albino Goldies are a combination that combines a heady high with physical results.

Golden Teachers

 One of the most well-known psychedelic fungi in the world is this classic strain of magic mushrooms. Golden Teachers are believed to have started in the 1980s in the Florida wilderness. They’re fungi belonging to the genus Psilocybe and the species Cubensis. Golden Teachers have a distinct look, with golden-yellow caps brightly coloured around the edges and fade to dark orange in the centre. Their long white-orange stalks have orange and yellow dots strewn around them.

Because of their elegant stems and large umbrella caps, skilled psychonauts may tell Golden Teachers apart from other forms of cubensis mushrooms. Golden Teachers often have a slower growth rate and take longer to fruit than other members of their genus, but this helps them produce more psilocybin than faster-growing strains.

The level-headed advice Golden Teachers have is common among younger or novice psilocybin psychonauts because of their impact. They usually appear after 10 to 30 minutes and can last up to six hours. According to many supporters, Golden Teachers instil a profound sense of faith rather than just a psychedelic trip. For a significant experience, most users suggest a dosage of about two grams. Golden Teachers always leave users with a strong “afterglow,” meaning that the lessons they learn during their trip stay with them long after it is over.

Penis Envy Mushrooms

This is another well-known psilocybin mushroom strain that can be recognized even by the untrained eye. Even the harshest critic would admit that Penis Envy has a striking similarity to male genitalia, with a thick stalk that tapers upwards and a bulbous orange cap.

Penis Envy Mushroom is a genus of cubensis that is caused by recessive genetic mutations. The origins of Penis Envy have yet to be identified. Some speculate that mycologist Steven Pollock produced this strain by breeding a form of Amazonian cubensis to have certain recessive traits.

It shares a few characteristics with other cubensis mushrooms, such as a lighter cap around the edges and darker towards the middle. Penis Envy stalks, on the other hand, are much thicker than their Golden Teachers cubensis counterparts.

Penis Envy mushrooms, like Golden Teachers, take longer to develop and mature than many other strains, resulting in a higher psilocybin concentration than many other strains. In reality, some Penis Envy strains are twice or three times as potent as others. As a result, a person needs a small amount to feel the effects; most people find that around a gram is enough to start a powerful psychedelic experience.

Within half an hour, users can experience an improved mood. They’ll notice time dilation and hallucinations after that. Synesthesia, or the ability to hear and taste colours and sounds, may occur at high doses. Depending on the dose, the entire experience could last up to six hours.

If you want to check them out for yourself, you can purchase Penis Envy mushrooms from Fungus Head.

Albino Goldies

Albino Goldies is a hybrid magic mushroom created by combining Golden Teachers and Albino A+. As a result, its characteristics are a blend of those of its parents. Albino Goldies have the same spindly, dainty shape as Albino A+, but with the golden-yellow colour scheme as Golden Teachers. Like the other two psychedelic mushroom strains we discussed earlier, Albino Goldies belongs to the psilocybe cubensis family.

Albino Goldies have an experience that is a blend of their parents’ blend, thanks to their mixed heritage. Albino A+ is known for producing a fast, physical high that focuses more on the body than the mind. Visual hallucinations can become more severe at higher doses. Albino Goldies combine this with the effects of its other parent, Golden Teachers, who provide the calm encouragement that we discussed earlier. These effects can appear in as little as ten minutes and last anywhere from four to six hours.

Final Wordings

There are a few choices for intrepid psychonauts who want to try some of our top strains of magic mushrooms for themselves. To start your own fungi farm, you can buy spores and grow kits online. For several magic mushroom fans, however, this isn’t always the best choice. For a novice amateur mycologist, growing your mushrooms can be challenging, and any mistakes in the process will result in poisonous mushrooms that will make you sick rather than high. It’s much easier to buy psilocybin mushrooms online than it is to try to cultivate your mushrooms.

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