Top 3 Popular Legends in Apex Legends 2024

Season 19 of Apex Legends, aptly known as “Ignite,” is soaring into popularity and making its mark as the most-played Battle Royale game on consoles such as the PlayStation 4, PlayStation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X or S as well as PC.

That being said, choosing your Legend is an important part of Apex Legends gameplay since it can make or break your gameplay and your winning streak in the matches you’ve played against other opponents.

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Now, with that being said, let’s get on to discuss the three most popular Legends to play as in Apex Legends!


Starting with the list in Apex game, we have our very own Bloodhound, a fast-paced Recon Legend who, thanks to their amazing set of abilities, can propel the enemy players back to their bases and turn the tide of the battle! It is no wonder that Bloodhound remains a popular pick today!

The first Ability, or should I say “Tactical” Ability that Bloodhound has is the “Eye of the Allfather,” which reveals enemies, traps, and clues through all of the structures present within the map at the range of 125° and extends until the range of 75 meters.

The second, or “Passive,” Ability is the “Tracker,” where enemies present within the area leave behind clues, and White Ravens may appear to guide you into changing your stratagem. The final or “Ultimate” Ability for Bloodhound would be “Beast of the Hunt,” which makes Bloodhound an unstoppable force for 30 seconds, increasing his speed and strength in unison.


Let’s not forget about Apex Legends’ poster girl, a Skirmisher Legend who can reposition and flank enemies to gain the upper hand. Her “Tactical” Ability, “Into The Void,” allows her to be invincible for 4 seconds while giving her a chance to reposition or take cover for herself.

Her “Passive” Ability, “Voices From The Void,” is a godsend that warns her and her teammates when they’ll be shot or in danger. Her “Ultimate” Ability, “Dimensional Rift,” allows her to draw portals at any two places for 45 seconds, whether helping her teammates escape or leading their enemies to a trap.


A Support Legend who has been present since the first season of Apex Legends, along with Bloodhound and Wraith, this mountainous behemoth is the perfect legend to use to act as a tank. His “Tactical” Ability, “Dome of Protection,” launches a dome of 6 meters for 12 seconds and revives his allies faster when inside the dome.

His “Passive” Ability, “Gun Shield,” allows him to generate a shield on his upper body whenever he aims down sights, and his “Ultimate” Ability, “Defensive Bombardment,” makes him rain hell on a specified location filled with mortar strikes for six continuous seconds, giving the team a much-needed edge, similar to the Killstreaks in the Call of Duty games.

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