Vadamalli 2022 Malayalam TV Serials


An upcoming new Malayalam TV series is called Vadamalli. The serial’s plot is centered on a village. This is a Vadamalli Malayalam television program that airs on Mazhavil Manorama. This television series was first started by the Kunnath family.

Vadamalli is an upcoming new Malayalam serial.

Vadamalli is an upcoming new Malayalam serial. It is directed by Pradeep Nazir and Sali Aravindan. The story of the serial revolves around a village that has been divided into two groups due to the caste system. It will be telecasted in Mazhavil Manorama from 20 June 2022 onwards

The cast includes:

  • Prakash Raj as -Kuzhakkethu Ravi Pathan (Bharath’s uncle)
  • Suresh Gopi as -Radhakrishnan Nair (Bharath’s father)
  • Manju Warrier as -Saranya Ponnamma (Radhakrishnan Nair’s wife)

The serial follows the lives of characters who live in a small village.

The story is based on a village, Vadamalli. The serial revolves around the lives and problems of people in this village.

The first episode was aired on January 1st, 2022.

It is a Malayalam TV serial telecasted in Mazhavil Manorama.

Vadamalli 2022 is a Malayalam TV serial telecasted in Mazhavil Manorama. It is a romantic thriller based on the story of a woman who gets trapped in a web of mystery, deceit, and murder that ensnares her life. The series is produced by Vyshyrya Creations and directed by Santhosh Devarajan.

The cast includes Prathap Pothan (Asif Ali), Ashwin Alex (Anu Emmanuel), and Parvathi Menon (Nirmala

Vadamalli is directed by Pradeep Nazir and Sali Aravindan.

Vadamalli is directed by Pradeep Nazir and Sali Aravindan. The serial stars Asif Ali, Joy Mathew, Bhavana, and Nithya Menon are in the lead roles. Other cast members include Vijayaraghavan, Sreeja Suvarna, etc.

The director duo has also worked on several other serials like Thasmeena: Tammoorinnoru Veedu (2018), Premam (2016), and so on.


While Vadamalli’s 2022 Malayalam TV Serials is a great storyline with a lot of twists, I think the characters are underdeveloped. You don’t get to know anything about them or their past before the start of this series.

Section: Beyond the lack of characters, there’s also an issue with continuity. For example, in one scene we see the main character Vadamalli eating dinner with his family, then later on in this same episode he’s seen walking down an empty street holding hands with his girlfriend! It just doesn’t make sense that they would edit around something like this!

Section: Another thing that surprised me was how many times they would cut back to earlier scenes during episodes where they’ve already Vadamalli established what has happened so far in this new situation – such as flashbacks or flashforwards showing how things played out before without ever explaining why its happening again (often having nothing at all to do with anything going on at all). So if you’re watching these shows for entertainment value rather than for information about events taking place within them then this might not bother you but it certainly made me curious about what’s happening when those scenes aren’t being shown again yet again.’

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