Work on these 5 simple habits and clear PTE in the first attempt!

It is indeed a great choice if you have chosen a mentor such as the 79score practice platform to guide you through your PTE journey, but you must remember that it is a constant practice that will help you sail through the much-coveted examination.

What if we tell you it can be as simple as talking to yourself?

You heard us right!!

Here are a few simple habits you can work on to clear PTE in the first attempt.

5 Simple habits to practice to clear PTE in the first attempt

  1. Read, Read and Read

It all begins with reading a variety of literature. From Newspapers to magazines to biographies and autobiographies, read whatever you can lay your hands on. It will help you in ways you cannot even discern!

Reading as an activity has always been associated with significant learning and exposure to a completely new world. When you read in English day after day, you polish your language and learn enormously.

  1. Use Dictionary

Another important section of a PTE exam is the test of vocabulary. For this, you can make a good dictionary your friend, philosopher, and guide. Start with learning one new word every day and you can go on multiplying the number as and when you are comfortable. Within a few days, you will see how your vocabulary feels more enriched.

  1. Have Group Discussions 

Have light discussions with your friends, family, or any like-minded people. It can be about movies, politics, cricket, or anything under the sun but remember it has to be in English. By the end of every discussion, you will not be just wiser, but you will also feel more confident about speaking in English.

  1. Talk to yourself

Agreed, you will not always have people willing to talk to you, speak to you about a common subject and that too in English! And that is where Tip number 4 comes in handy. Make a habit of talking to yourself in English. You might prefer to call it introspection. But we are talking about training your subconscious mind to think in English. From day to day routine to everyday messages, when you think in English, you speak fluent English.

  1. Listen to English conversations

This might look a little boring and uninteresting in the beginning but as you get fluent in English and learn a variety of vocabulary, you will enjoy the task. You can watch English movies, web series, interviews, news, documentaries, or anything that interests you. From learning new words and phrases, this habit will make you used to listening to English as a language. And that is exactly what we are looking for when preparing for the PTE Exam.

Now that you have been practicing the said five steps you need a platform to showcase all your practices and watch the outcome; what else could be better than, a platform that provides you an environment similar to the actual Pearson test. 

On this website, You get a chance to perform PTE mock tests free online with the scorecard, and this isn’t the limit trust me. The moment you dive into the test and finish it you get your mock test evaluation for free, along with sample answers to make you understand your mistakes,  Analytics, and tips and tricks to know your areas of improvement. 

Now let’s say your targeted score was 79+ and after performing the test you achieved a score of around 65+ in the mock test performed.  

What next must be the question in your mind?

I have an answer to your question.

As they say, “ Practice makes a man perfect “the most common phrase that we have heard all around. Follow the Phrase and try Practicing more mock tests on such platforms to groom your skills.

Also, many of us might be involved in preparing for an exam along with regular academics or our daily routine job. This limits us to dedicate a specific time for  PTE preparation. It is recommended for such individuals to search for online PTE coaching and get associated with their crash courses or weekend courses to get your basics clear. 

Once you achieve your targeted score or nearby score with the above practices, you can definitely apply for the actual PTE  test and clear it in the first attempt with the targeted score.

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