Online Video is the SEO Tool of Choice For Fast Ranking on Google

Search engine optimization is one of the fastest-growing sectors on the internet market. The reason is because it is no longer good enough to just have a website that just looks pretty. You now need to design and build websites that have both the end user and the search engines in mind.  Don’t get me wrong it is vitally important that your end-user is happy and can make sense of your information unlike some of the black hat SEO tricks.  But you do need to be aware of what is important to search engine optimisation.

In this article I aim to show you the importance of search engine optimisation (SEO) and the latest techniques and strategies that can give you the best bang for your buck.

I will cover the following:

‘Web 2.0’ techniques and how to use them

SEO basics

Blogs and why Google loves them

Video as the number one medium to rank high in search engines

Web 2.0

If you reading this I will assume that you have heard of”web 2.0″.  So, in a nutshell it is looking at a amalgamation of different platforms that exist in the internet today.  It has changed a huge amount in just the past 3 years alone and websites like: Facebook, My Space, Technorati, Digg, Squidoo etc. are now what we call social media.  There are over 1100 and counting around the whole world!  So Social Networking has well and truly landed. 

SEO Basics

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To get an idea of how to compete in SEO Gold Coast, think of it this way. Google and all the other search engines are trying to provide the best service to their users, in terms of actually giving the user exactly what they are searching for.   In order to do this for their users, they have created algorithms to check your data and to see what your site is all about.  If you then ‘optimise’ your pages and websites with this in mind you can’t go wrong.  For instance make sure that the keywords, link text and body copy all have a good keyword density for the search phrase you are writing about and want to index for within the search engines. 

The other factor is authority, Google calls this page rank. Google likes to rank sites and pages based on how many quality links with similar link text is coming back to your web page.  It tells Google’, hey this website on Brazilian elephants in blue’ must really be about Brazilian elephants in blue if I can see 25 links with Brazilian blue elephant in the link text.  You get the idea? There is too much to go into with SEO in just one article, but there are ‘on-page factors’ and ‘off-page factors’ involved.  It’s the off-page factors we can delve into a bit more with our next topic video

Video as the number one medium to rank high in Search Engines.

You Tube traffic have surpassed.  It’s probably why Google paid over $1.7billion to own You Tube and it also makes sense now why Google rates video so highly within its search engine.  

You can start by making an informative video a How To or Helpful Hints and post it to 5 or 6  video submission sites, such as: Metacafe, You Tube, Yahoo videos, Megavideos, Guba and so on.  Make sure that you put the right keywords and description when uploading it and sit back and watch how quickly your content rises above other websites and text because Google gives a higher weighting to video content.

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