Wockhardt Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2030

Wockhardt Pharma Restricted is an Indian medical care and drug venture, established in 1967. The Global undertaking has its impressions across 30 nations and six mainland’s around the world.

The Wockhardt share Price and its December quarter monetary outcomes recommend that the stock will perform better in the forthcoming months. Nonetheless, It is essential to not fail to remember the general negative monetary consequences of Wockhardt Pharma Restricted in the year 2023.

In this article, we will take you through the few variables influencing the Wockhardt Pharma Offer Cost on the Public Stock Trade and Wockhardt share Price Target 2025 and then some.

Wockhardt Most recent News

  • Wockhardt Pharma Offer Cost Today is somewhere around 3.94% at this point ie., 4:56 pm Wednesday. The stock began at Rs 578 for every offer on the kickoff of the Public Stock Trade for the afternoon. Anyway NSE: WOCKPHARMA proceeded with its slump direction since the Walk first high of Rs 620 for each offer.
  • The medical care and drug venture Wockhardt would raise Rs 400 crores on really important premise and would offer the QIP on a normal cost of the most recent 10 days, according to news writes about 26th February 2024.
  • Wockhardt Pharma reported several years back about its cooperation with the UK based Serum Life Sciences. This cooperation was to deliver 150 million different sorts of immunizations in North Ribs.
  • Last year, late in December, Wockhardt Pharma undertaking anti-toxin pipelines, for example, anti-toxin azithromycin to treat pneumonia,’ had produced a gigantic uplifting perspective about the WOCKPHARMA: NSE Stock.

Wockhardt Share Price Target 2024

Month (2024)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs – Rs – 
FebruaryRs – Rs – 
MarchRs 565.40Rs 425.41
AprilRs 576.98Rs 428.71
MayRs 588.03Rs 438.62
JuneRs 590.20Rs 442.22
JulyRs 597.65Rs 455.14
AugustRs 609.91Rs 469.01
SeptemberRs 612.09Rs 470.05
OctoberRs 622.14Rs 481.32
NovemberRs 636.66Rs 493.90
DecemberRs 645.10Rs 505.73

(This prediction is based upon our understanding seeing the history of the above stock, an expert advice is critical before making any investment-related commitment)

Wockhardt Share Price Target 2025

Month (2025)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs 651.20Rs 512.70
FebruaryRs 665.60Rs 520.51
MarchRs 677.09Rs 531.27
AprilRs 686.09Rs 541.60
MayRs 690.00Rs 551.91
JuneRs 709.23Rs 565.00
JulyRs 700.50Rs 579.06
AugustRs 723.93Rs 586.72
SeptemberRs 735.21Rs 595.73
OctoberRs 747.72Rs 602.48
NovemberRs 758.79Rs 610.90
DecemberRs 760.01Rs 626.34

(This prediction is based upon our understanding seeing the history of the above stock, an expert advice is critical  before making any investment-related commitment

Wockhardt Share Price Target 2026 to 2030

Year Maximum TargetMinimum Target
2026Rs 854.10Rs 672.61
2027Rs 971.93Rs 798.00
2028Rs 1098.00Rs 809.07
2029Rs 1180.45Rs 927.33
2030Rs 1307.81Rs 1045.20

(This prediction is based upon our understanding seeing the history of the above stock, an expert advice is critical before making any investment-related commitment

Wockhardt: NSE Financials 2023

Wockhardt Market Capitalisation: 8,084.17 Crores INR

Wockhardt 52 Week High-Low: Rs 630.00 – Rs 145.15

Revenue26.51 Billion INR⬇ -17.93% YOY
Operating expense16.29 Billion INR⬇ -10.98% YOY
Net Income-5.59 Billion INR⬇ -129.10% YOY
Net Profit Margin-21.09⬇ -179.34% YOY
Earnings Per Share  
EBITDA250.00 Million INR⬇ -88.94% YOY
Effective Tax Rate0.48% 
Total Assets76.83 Billion INR⬇ -6.79% YOY
Total Liabilities40.21 Billion INR⬇ -0.49% YOY
Total Equity36.62 Billion INR 
Return on assets-1.18% 
Return on Capital-1.53% 
P/E Ratio  
Dividend Yield  

Wockhardt Ltd Shareholding Example

  • Advertisers: 54.93%
  • FII: 4.17%
  • DII: –
  • Retail and Others: 40.81%
  • Common Assets: 0.09%

Wockhardt Ltd Contenders (Market Cap: 8,084.17 crores INR)

  • Sun Pharma Market Cap: 384,853.33 crores INR)
  • Zydus Life Market Cap: 97,358.86 crores INR)
  • GlaxoSmithKline Market Cap: 35,107.71 crores INR)
  • Ajanta Pharma Cap: 26,231.38 crores INR
  • Natco Pharma Market Cap: 18,272.79 crores INR)
  • Piramal Pharma Market Cap: 16,828.90 crores INR
  • Glenmark Life Market Cap: 9,022.29 crores INR

Focuses to consider prior to putting resources into Wockhardt Stock

  • A Market Master on CNBCTV18 report had anticipated a ”Purchase” require the Wockhardt Offer. Mr Shrikant Chouhan (Kotak Protections) dissected the Wockhardt Pharma Offer Value Focus at Rs 500 (February 2024). The stop misfortune for WOCKPHARMA NSE is at Rs 450, as indicated by the Kotak Protections expert.
  • Wockhardt Pharma’s net deals have been up just barely YOY in December 2023. Drug Endeavor ”Wockhardt” net deals expanded by simply 2.13% to Rs 288 crores (Dec 2023) from Rs 282 crores (Dec 2022).
  • Income for the India-based Medical services and Drug endeavor ”Wockhardt Restricted” in the monetary year 2023 is somewhere near – 17.93% (YoY) to Rs 26.51 billion.
  • The Wockhardt Pharma undertaking has battled to hold up its negative monetary numbers when contrasted year over year from FY2022 with FY2023. Be that as it may, in its December quarter of 2023, WOCKPHARMA: NSE figured out how to set up certain monetary numbers for its financial backers.


The Offer Cost of Wockhardt has been somewhat of a puzzler for financial backers over the time of the most recent five years. The WOCKPHARMA: NSE Stock has performed not so potential gain over the most recent five years of its exchanging on the Public Stock Trade, expanding just 43% since Spring eighth, 2019. Nonetheless, the Medical services area stock has been up by 193% over the most recent a year ie., since Spring eighth, 2023 cost of Rs 189 for every offer to Rs 558 for each offer to date (Walk sixth, 2024), conveying a decent profit from speculation to its financial backers.

Seeing the fate of the medical care and drug industry in India, Wockhardt Pharma’s financial backers would hope to wager on the organization on the stock trade.

As a financial backer, carrying out careful groundwork on the stock is significant. India Property Dekho would suggest a specialist’s recommendation prior to making any venture-related obligation to the stock trade.


What is the Wockhardt share Price Focus in 2025?

Wockhardt share Price Target 2025 is between Rs 760 and Rs 512.

What is the Wockhardt share Price Target 2026?

Wockhardt share Price Focus for the year 2026 is between Rs 854 and Rs 672.

What is the NSE Wockhardt share Price Target 2030?

Wockhardt share Price Target 2030 is anticipated to stay between Rs 1307 and Rs 1045.

What is the NSE Wockhardt share Price Target 2024?

Wockhardt share Price Target 2024 is between Rs 645 and Rs 425

What is the Wockhardt share Price Forecast 2025?

Wockhardt share Price Expectation 2025 is anticipated to stay between Rs 760 and Rs 512.

What is the Wockhardt share Price Forecast 2030?

Wockhardt share Price Expectation 2030 is anticipated to stay between Rs 1307 and Rs 1045.

What is the Wockhardt share Price Target 2027?

Wockhardt share Price Target 2027 is between Rs 971 and Rs 798.

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