SBIN Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, To 2030

SBI, ‘State Bank of India’, will be India’s Biggest Public area Bank, offering types of assistance like stores, advances, ventures and common assets. It is settled in Mumbai Maharashtra. SBI holds a 23% piece of the pie by resources and a 25% offer in the credit and stores market. The market cap of SBI is at present second to just two Indian Confidential Area Banks HDFC Bank and ICICI Bank.

SBI income and benefits has been continually on a positive direction over the most recent five years. With regards to the SBIN Share Price Target 2025, Market specialists Motilal Oswal and Goldman Sach have suggested ”Purchase” and ”Nonpartisan” for the SBIN: NSE stock.

In this article, we will take you through the various variables influencing SBIN Share Price on the Public Stock Trade.

SBI Most recent News

  • SBI Bank’s Market Capitalisation moves towards INR 7 Trillion Figure, which looks nearer to the market cap of ICICI Bank, a confidential area bank.
  • Goldman Sachs’ has recommended the SBI Stock to ”Unbiased”, setting the SBIN Share Price Target (A year) to Rs 741 for every offer.
  • Research Firm ”Nomura” adds SBI to its Portfolio and suggests ”Purchase”, and eliminated IndusInd Bank Ltd.
  • SBI introduces cash counting machines at Ayodhya Smash Mandir premises, to find out quick counting of high weighty money convergence by aficionados.

SBI Share Price Target 2024

Month (2024)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs – Rs – 
FebruaryRs – Rs – 
MarchRs 731.65Rs 601.43
AprilRs 725.78Rs 617.78
MayRs 707.90Rs 614.45
JuneRs 723.23Rs 637.65
JulyRs 726.54Rs 625.00
AugustRs 75876Rs 658.32
SeptemberRs 789.92Rs 670.41
OctoberRs 774.00Rs 663.72
NovemberRs 775.41Rs 685.80
DecemberRs 803.35Rs 703.49

(This prediction is based upon our understanding seeing the history of the above stock, an expert advice is critical before making any investment-related commitment)

SBI Share Price Target 2025

Month (2025)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs 783.67Rs 619.16
FebruaryRs 816.84Rs 627.34
MarchRs 835.74Rs 630.59
AprilRs 821.93Rs 643.27
MayRs 790.71Rs 631.80
JuneRs 816.65Rs 647.76
JulyRs 839.23Rs 653.12
AugustRs 843.00Rs 655.00
SeptemberRs 866.89Rs 662.26
OctoberRs 882.54Rs 680.70
NovemberRs 908.66Rs 699.78
DecemberRs 935.34Rs 704.55

(This prediction is based upon our understanding seeing the history of the above stock, an expert advice is critical  before making any investment-related commitment

SBI Share Price Target 2026 to 2030

Year Maximum TargetMinimum Target
2026Rs 992.00Rs 703.12
2027Rs 1080.57Rs 772.65
2028Rs 1304.61Rs 790.73
2029Rs 1588.60Rs 868.65
2030Rs 1775.41Rs 962.89
2040Rs 3915.01Rs 1831.11

(This prediction is based upon our understanding seeing the history of the above stock, an expert advice is critical before making any investment-related commitment

SBIN: NSE Financials 2023

SBI Market Capitalisation: 673,808 Crores INR

SBI Reserves and Borrowings: 358,038 Cr INR and 521,151.95 INR (March 2023) Respectively

SBI 52 Week High Low: Rs 777.50 – Rs 501.55

Revenue02.46 Trillion INR⬆ 16.92% YOY
Operating expense01.90 Trillion INR⬆ 08.86% YOY
Net Income556.48 Billion INR⬆ 57.31% YOY
Net Profit Margin22.59⬆ 34.54% YOY
Earnings Per Share56.29⬆ 35.46% YOY
Effective Tax Rate22.70% 
Total Assets59.54 Trillion INR⬆ 11.07%  YOY
Total Liabilities55.83 Trillion INR⬆ 10.68%  YOY
Total Equity03.72 Trillion INR 
Return on assets1.02% 
Return on Capital  
P/E Ratio10.59 
Dividend Yield1.49% 

SBI Shareholding Example

  • Advertisers: 57.50%
  • FII: 10.91%
  • DII: 10.51%
  • Retail and Others: 9.33%
  • Shared Assets: 11.75%

SBI Contenders (Market Cap: 673,808 crores INR)

  • Bank of Baroda Market Cap: 140,066.34 crores INR)
  • PNB Market Cap: 137,692.75 crores INR)
  • IOBInfra Market Cap: 125,039.46 crores INR)
  • Association Bank Infratech Cap: 108,851.80 crores INR
  • Canara Bank Market Cap: 103,659.40 crores INR)
  • Indian Bank Market Cap: 70,223.97 crores INR
  • UCO Bank Market Cap: 69,225.00 crores INR

Focuses to consider prior to putting resources into SBI Stock

  • Emkay Worldwide Monetary Administrations .adds State Bank of India to its portfolio alongside ONGC and televisions Engines.
  • Motilal Oswal has recommended a ”Purchase” call with a SBIN Share Price Focus of Rs 756.45.
  • Over the most recent five years (2019 to 2023), the State Bank of India has posted areas of strength for a rate in its income and benefits, arriving at Rs 3,50,845 cr and Rs 57,750 cr, separately.
  • SBI EPS direction is 20.77 as of September 30, 2023.
  • Throughout the long term, SBI has been differentiating its portfolio with SBI General Protection, SBI Life coverage, SBI Common Assets, SBI Card and so on. With its presence in over than 30 nations, the State Bank of India shows an impressive range into the monetary financial area.
  • SBI has areas of strength for other, for example, to impart the market to and keep its administrations, for example, Stores, Advances, Ventures, Shared reserves and so on in a state of harmony with the interest.


The Offer cost of SBI has been in general steady in its most recent five years of exchanging with an increment of 178%. Notwithstanding, there have been a couple high points and low points for the stock, particularly because of the lockdown in India during the pandemic. Somewhat recently, SBIN NSE has hopped from Rs 527 for every offer to SBI Offer Cost Today around Rs 760. This shows a positive pattern for the stock in the impending year with Specialists, for example, Motilal Oswal recommending ”Purchase” with a SBI Offer Value Focus of Rs 757.

In view of the above perspectives and proposals by specialists, SBI Offer Cost target 2025 is supposed to be a decent stock to put resources into.

Be that as it may, financial backers should consider every one of the elements concerning the stock and go through legitimate offer statistical surveying prior to making any speculation related-responsibility.


What is the SBIN Share Price Target 2025 ?

SBIN Share Price Target 2025 is between Rs 935 and Rs 619.

What is the SBIN Share Price Target 2026?

SBIN Share Price Focus for the year 2026 is between Rs 992 and Rs 703.

What is the NSE SBIN Share Price Target 2030 ?

SBIN Share Price Target 2030 is anticipated to stay between Rs 235 and Rs 137.

What is the NSE SBIN Share Price Target 2024?

SBIN Share Price Target 2024 is between Rs 1775 and Rs 962.

What is the NSE SBIN Share Price Target 2040 ?

SBIN Share Price Target 2040 is anticipated to stay between Rs 3915 and Rs 1831.

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