IOB Bank Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028, To 2030

Indian Abroad Bank (IOB) is a state area bank in Chennai, India. It has around 3,220 local offices, 2 Computerized Financial Unit, around 4 unfamiliar branches and a representative office. Established in February 1937 by M Ct M Chidambaram Chettiar with the two thought processes of gaining practical experience in unfamiliar exchange business and abroad banking. Furthermore, they supply agrarian momentary advances and agri business consultancy administrations; and unfamiliar trade assortment services.The administrations presented by the bank includes:Personal banking, NRI banking and corporate banking.They additionally oversee government organizations like installment of direct assessments, roundabout expenses, annuity installment plot, deals charge assortments, fortunate asset conspire, and so on

Most recent fresh insight about Indian abroad Bank

● On February 2, the bank turned into the fifth PSU bank to move past the Rs 1 lakh crore market cost. On Wednesday, the organization’s fairly estimated worth reached at Rs 1,50,708.93 crore, and that implies a Rs 10,000 crore normal increment each day. In the event that we see its show from a bigger viewpoint, the stock has given 204.89% or more than three overlap returns in the past 1 year.

● The Indian Abroad Bank stock’s highest increment on Wednesday (February 7, 2024) is 17.58% from its most reduced cost of, a tad its greatest increment this month is 60.93% from February 1’s least cost of Rs 49.65

● IOB Boss Consistence Official Nataraj Karyampudi exchange archives with IIBF Chief (Scholastics) S Muralidharan within the sight of the state area bank’s Overseeing Chief and President Ajay Kumar Srivastava here.

● Hold Bank on Friday foist a punishment of Rs 2.20 crore on state-possessed Indian Abroad Bank (IOB) for opposition of pay acknowledgment and other deficiency in administrative resources.

IOB Bank share price Target for 2024

Month                                               Target

January 2024 target for IOB           ₹64.06

February 2024 target for IOB          ₹65.49

March 2024 target for IOB              ₹64.06

April 2024 target for IOB                 ₹63.36

May 2024 target for IOB                 ₹66.1

June 2024 target for IOB                ₹66.09

July 2024 target for IOB                 ₹66.11

August 2024 target for IOB            ₹82.87

September 2024 target for IOB.     ₹82.86

October 2024 target for IOB           ₹82.87

November 2024 target for IOB.      ₹82.87

December 2024 target for IOB.      ₹82.88

IOB Bank share price Target for 2025

Month                                               Target

January 2025 target for IOB         ₹88.45

February 2025 target for IOB       ₹89.87

March 2025 target for IOB            ₹88.44

April 2025 target for IOB               ₹87.74

May 2025 target for IOB               ₹87.74

June 2025 target for IOB              ₹87.74

July 2025 target for IOB               ₹87.75

August 2025 target for IOB          ₹87.73

September 2025 target for IOB.   ₹87.73

October 2025 target for IOB         ₹87.73

November 2025 target for IOB.    ₹87.73

December 2025 target for IOB.    ₹87.72

IOB Bank share price Target for 2026

Month                                               Target

January 2026 target for IOB         ₹95.77

February 2026 target for IOB       ₹97.19

March 2026 target for IOB           ₹95.78

April 2026 target for IOB              ₹95.07

May 2026 target for IOB              ₹95.08

June 2026 target for IOB             ₹95.08

July 2026 target for IOB              ₹95.08

August 2026 target for IOB          ₹95.07

September 2026 target for IOB.   ₹95.07

October 2026 target for IOB         ₹95.06

November 2026 target for IOB.       ₹95.07

December 2026 target for IOB.       ₹95.08

IOB Bank share price Target from 2024 to 2030

Year   Initial Target     Mid-Year           Year-End 

2024     ₹64.06           ₹66.09.              ₹82.88

2025     ₹88.45           ₹87.74              ₹87.72

2026     ₹95.77            ₹95.08             ₹95.08

2027     ₹103.46        ₹102.76             ₹102.77

2028     ₹111.56         ₹110.84             ₹110.83

2029     ₹120.03         ₹119.33             ₹119.34

2030    ₹128.95          ₹128.24             ₹128.27

IOB financials

(INR)                    Sept 2023          Y/Y

Revenue               2.42TCr           15.19%

Net income           627.18Cr        25.39%

Diluted EPS                   –                     –

Net profit margin     25.91%         8.87%

Operating income    635.5Cr       25.87%

Net change in cash       –                     –

Cash on hand               –                     –

Cost of revenue            –                     –

IOB share holding pattern

Summary      Dec 2023        Dec 2022

Promoter        96.4%             96.4%

Holding           96.4%             96.4%

Pledged          0.0%               0.0%

Locked           13.53%           53.58%

IOB contenders

● SBI with market capitalisation 675,816.24 cr

● PNB with market capitalisation 143,693.75 cr

● Bank of Baroda with market capitalisation 143,324.30 cr


Indian Abroad Bank is entering the matter of banking. The Bank’s areas include Depository, Corporate/Discount Banking, Retail Banking and Other Financial Tasks. The Bank’s activities made out of homegrown stores; homegrown advances; unfamiliar exchange tasks; speculations; miniature, little and medium undertaking, including MUDRA Advance Plan; retail banking, including Arogya Mahila Investment funds Financial balances; Mid Corporate division; agrarian credit archives; advances to little and fringe ranchers; credits to non-corporate ranchers, and microfinance. Its singular financial administrations incorporate saving bank, current record, term store, retail advances, and commitment and safe administrations. It gives dealer banking to issues, bond legal administrator, profit or premium warrant and others. It likewise offers Web and portable financial administrations.


What is the most elevated share cost of IOB?

The most exorbitant cost of Indian Abroad Bank stock is ₹83.75 over the most recent 52-week.

What is the value focus of Indian Abroad Bank in 2025?

The underlying cost focus for Indian Abroad Bank in 2025 is projected to be ₹88.45.

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