IFCI Share Price Target 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2030

IFCI (Modern Money Enterprise of India) was laid out in 1948 as a legal organization and gives finance support in different ventures like air terminals, streets, telecom, influence, land, assembling, and administrations areas. It goes under the Service of Money, Legislature of India, and is a recorded organization on the NSE (Public Stock Trade) and BSE (Bombay Stock Trade). A few notorious ventures were supported by the IFCI Restricted like Adani Mundra Ports, GMR Goa Worldwide Air terminal, NRSS Transmission, and Salasar Roadways.

IFCI Ltd Offer Cost has been on a positive direction for an extensive stretch on the Public Stock Trade (NSE). In this article, we will take you through the elements influencing the IFCI Ltd Offer Value NSE and IFCI Ltd Offer Value Focus in impending years.

IFCI Most recent News

IFCI Stock zooms towards its consistently most elevated share Cost of Rs 101 of every 2007 and is right now at Rs 65.40 at a market capitalization of 162.33 Billion INR.

NSE IFCI stock went to its 13-year high on February sixth zooming past Rs 65.28 per share on BSE.

IFCI Restricted’s net deals went by 46.95% from Rs 412.96 crores (Sep 2022) to Rs 606.84 crores in September 2023.

IFCI EBITDA increased by 49.42% in September 2023 from Sep 2022.

Be that as it may, IFCI: NSE EPS has declined to Rs 0.39 in Sep 2023 from Rs 0.78 in Sep 2022.

IFCI’s Net Benefit remains at Rs 172.76 crores in Sep 2023 from Rs 163.94 crores in Sep 2022.

IFCI Share Price Target (2024)

Month (2024)Maximum Target

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

IFCI Share Price Target (2025)

Month (2025)Maximum Target

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

IFCI Share Price Target (2026 to 2030)

Year Maximum Target

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IFCI Limited Financials (2023)

Revenue9.66 Billion INR⬆ 219.51% YOY
Operating expense8.08 Billion INR⬆ 31.06% YOY
Net Income-2.08 Billion INR⬆ 88.65% YOY
Net Profit Margin-21.52 ⬇ -109.50% YOY
Earnings Per Share  
Effective Tax Rate560.14% 
Total Assets169.39 Billion INR⬆ 9.37%  YOY
Total Liabilities102.70 Billion INR⬇ -1.56%  YOY
Total Equity66.69 Billion INR 
Return on assets-0.74% 
Return on Capital  
P/E Ratio  
Dividend Yield  

IFCI LTD Shareholding Example

  • Advertisers: 70.3%
  • Common Assets: 0.03%
  • FII: 2.08%
  • Public: 21.57%
  • Others: 6%

IFCI LTD Contenders (Market Cap: 15,510.29 Crores INR)

  • Ujjivan Monetary (Market Cap: 6,758.74 Crore INR)
  • MAS Monetary S (Market Cap: 5,590.17 Crore INR)
  • Glossy silk Credit (Market Cap: 2,913.67 Crore INR)

Focuses to consider prior to putting resources into IFCI (IFCI Ltd: NSE) Stock

  • Before venture, It is vital to survey factors like monetary development, yearly monetary outcomes, and expansion rate.
  • Risk as a financial backer of IFCI: NSE incorporates the way that the organization is presently supporting misfortunes.
  • IFCI Ltd has obligations too while in correlation, the money establishment doesn’t possess an adequate number of resources.
  • It experienced a deficiency of Rs 1832 crores in the monetary year 2022.
  • IFCI Ltd has experienced a constant downslide with regards to the income of the organization.
  • IFCI (Already: Modern Money Company of India) is zeroing in on financing modern and framework projects, as well as assembling and administrations areas in India.
  • IFCI Ltd gives finance in enterprises like concrete, steel, and materials.
  • The Monetary Organization IFCI runs its tasks through its workplaces essentially from Delhi, Maharashtra, Tamil Nadu, and Karnataka and is spread the country over.
  • As of late, IFCI, an administration claimed organization, has shown interest in further developing its administrations, for example, application for credits and online client helpline, with the assistance of innovation carefully.


IFCI Offer cost has been up 116% since Jan 8, 2024, and has seen a sharp ascent in January 2024. The offer cost of IFCI Ltd is right now expected to keep its development rate consistent keeping in view the ongoing monetary situation in India. India has a colossal potential in forthcoming years particularly in areas like assembling, framework as well as administrations. IFCI Ltd being an Indian Government Modern Monetary Organization, would be supposed to benefit vigorously from the strategies and backing from the approaches in the areas influencing IFCI Offers from now on. The offer cost of IFCI has expanded by 419% since Feb eighth, 2019, 449% since seventh Feb 2023, and 352% since Aug seventh, 2023. Seeing the stock execution throughout the previous five years as well as expectations representing things to come, IFCI Ltd NSE is supposed to keep itself on a positive development direction. Nonetheless, India Property Dekho generally suggests financial backers look for master counsel prior to making any speculation related responsibility.


What is the IFCI Offer Value Focus in 2025?

IFCI NSE’s Portion Value Focus by 2025 is between Rs 99 and Rs 114.

What is the IFCI Offer Value Focus in 2026?

IFCI NSE’s Portion Value Focus for 2026 is around Rs 124.

What is the IFCI Offer Value Focus in 2030?

IFCI NSE’s Portion Cost in 2030 is anticipated to stay around Rs 178.

What is the IFCI Offer Value Focus in 2024?

IFCI NSE’s Portion Value Focus for 2024 is between Rs 64 and Rs 97.

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