DhanBank share price target 2024, 2025, 2026, 2027, 2028,2029 And 2030

Dhanlaxmi Bank is presently a very nearly 100-year-old foundation in retail banking, corporate banking, and depository tasks altogether in southern territories of India. Starting today, Dhanlaxmi has 255 branches with 275 ATMs and 17 business reporters in India,spread across 14 states and one Association Domain. In the new past, the Bank has been battling to raise more capital and news reports of infighting between board individuals.

With regards to the exhibition of the DHANBANK NSE stock, it has been up by 192% over the most recent a half year of exchanging on the financial exchange.

In this article, we will take you through the Dhanlaxmi Bank Offer Value Forecast 2025 and in forthcoming years.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Most recent News

  • Dhanlaxmi Bank experiences absence of capital as RBI’s final proposal holds tight its neck. The bank is given a final proposal by the controller to raise more capital. For the situation the Dhanlaxmi Bank neglects to do as such, RBI could make the necessary move and supplant the board.
  • Dhanlaxmi Bank’s Portion Cost is up by 70% in the last 10 meetings after Q3 FY24 monetary outcomes. DHANBANK NSE revealed an increase of 11.5% YoY of Rs 24,657 crores in income.
  • RBI, on January twelfth,’ forced a fine of Rs 1.20 crores for a situation where the Bank is blamed for not conforming to the guidelines according to the National Bank and Administrative Body of the Indian Financial Framework.
  • JK Sivan, ‘Overseeing Chief and CEO’, is permitted to proceed with his residency in the Dhanlaxmi Bank as RBI supported the proposition for same. Mr. Shivan’s Term was to end on January 29, 2024.

Dhanlaxmi Bank Share Price Target (2024)

Month (2024)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs 52.33Rs 40.
FebruaryRs 54.87Rs 42.
MarchRs 56.00Rs 43.
AprilRs 65.11Rs 42.
MayRs 69.54Rs 45.
JuneRs 67.77Rs 42.
JulyRs 67.00Rs 41.
AugustRs 79.55Rs 46.
SeptemberRs 76.62Rs 47.
OctoberRs 77.56Rs 48.
NovemberRs 76.22Rs 49.
DecemberRs 81.00Rs 52.

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

Dhanlaxmi Bank Share Price Target (2025)

Month (2025)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs 77.55Rs 56.98
FebruaryRs 80.87Rs 55.87
MarchRs 78.92Rs 56.76
AprilRs 81.43Rs 53.65
MayRs 80.67Rs 57.32
JuneRs 83.98Rs 56.00
JulyRs 86.00Rs 58.11
AugustRs 86.21Rs 59.89
SeptemberRs 90.65Rs 62.76
OctoberRs 95.78Rs 63.34
NovemberRs 93.99Rs 66.89
DecemberRs 95.21Rs 68.44

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

Dhanlaxmi Bank Share Price Target (2026 to 2030)

Year Maximum TargetMinimum Target
2026Rs 108.66Rs 75.34
2027Rs 115.89Rs 83.76
2028Rs 126.45Rs 92.98
2029Rs 139.34Rs 105.87
2030Rs 156.65Rs 117.43

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

Dhanlaxmi Bank Ltd Financials (2023)

Revenue4.59 Billion INR⬆ 5.63% YOY
Operating expense4.27 Billion INR⬆ 7.54% YOY
Net Income493.63 Billion INR⬆ 37.48% YOY
Net Profit Margin10.76 ⬆ 30.11% YOY
Earnings Per Share  
Effective Tax Rate-56.15% 
Total Assets151.32 Billion INR⬆ 9.69%  YOY
Total Liabilities141.71 Billion INR⬆ 9.89%  YOY
Total Equity9.61 Billion INR 
Return on assets0.34% 
Return on Capital  
P/E Ratio12.96 
Dividend Yield  

Dhanlaxmi Bank Shareholding Example

  • Advertisers: –
  • FII: 11.89%
  • DII: 0.07%
  • Common Assets: –
  • Retail and Others: 88.04%

Dhanlaxmi Bank Contenders (Market Cap: 23,508 crores INR)

  • HDFC Bank Market Cap: 1078526.55 crores INR)
  • ICICI Bank Market Cap: 718112.06 crores INR)
  • Kotak Mahindra Market Cap: 344949.47 crores INR)
  • Pivot Bank Market Cap: 329733.60 crores INR
  • IndusInd Bank Market Cap: 116232.96 crores INR)
  • Bandhan Bank Market Cap: 32,347.24 crores INR
  • Karur Vysya Market Cap: 15182.62 crores INR
  • Karnataka Bank Market Cap: 8767.87 crores INR
  • DCB Bank Market Cap: 4251.47 crores INR

Focuses to consider prior to putting resources into Dhanlaxmi Bank NSE Stock

  • Dhanlaxmi Bank’s gross advances announced development of Rs 11.93% in contrast with Q3FY23 gross development of Rs 9,244 crores.
  • All out Stores in the Dhanlaxmi Bank saw an ascent of 10.60% YoY to Rs 14.310 crores in Q3FY24.
  • The Credit Store Proportion in the Dhanlaxmi Bank is at 72.31% as detailed in Q3FY24 monetary outcomes, up from 71.45% in the relating quarter from earlier years.
  • Dhanlaxmi Bank has its always most noteworthy half-yearly net benefit in the monetary year 2023-2024. It arrived at Rs 51 crores in H1FY24.
  • Dhanlaxmi Offer Cost has been sensibly evaluated throughout the long term and has seen a slight quick development on the Public Stock Trade in 2023.


The offer cost of Dhanlaxmi Bank has been neither strikingly bullish on the stock trade nor it has been a negative stock. Over the most recent five years of its exchanging history, DHANBANK NSE has seen a development of 236% as well as 192% in 2023. This takes us to the end that Dhanlaxmi Bank Offer Cost has been expanding quickly since last year just and has stayed stale before that. The stock has performed well since January seventeenth, 2024 posting a development of 20%. Dhanlaxmi Bank’s Portion Value Expectation shows a positive direction for the stock in the impending long stretches of this really long period.

India Property Dekho would constantly suggest thinking about every one of the central point of an organization/association and going through its financials completely. Specialists’ recommendation is basic for a financial backer before in-fluxing their well deserved cash into the offer market.


What is the DhanBank Share Price Target 2025?

DhanBank Share Price Focus by 2025 is between Rs 95 and Rs 53.

What is the DhanBank Share Price Target 2026?

DhanBank Share Price Focus for the year 2026 is between Rs 108 and Rs 75.

What is the DhanBank Share Price Target 2030?

DhanBank Share Price in 2030 is anticipated to stay between Rs 156 and Rs 117.

What is the DhanBank Share Price Target 2024?

DhanBank Share Price Focus for the year 2024 is between Rs 81 and Rs 40.

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