CAMPUS Share Price Target 2024 to 2030

Grounds Sports apparel Ltd is one of the main marks in the games and athleisure footwear area in India. ”Grounds” prelude came in the year 2005 to contend in the way of life arranged sports and athleisure fragment. The footwear organization conveys an over-burden of choices to dynamic footwear fans in the Indian market with a lot of variety ranges and different evaluating ranges. The footwear business has been going through an unpleasant stage since the year however is trusting the unrefined components expenses to go down.

In this article, we will take you through the different variables influencing the CAMPUS Share Price Forecast 2025 and in forthcoming years.

Grounds Most recent News

  • Grounds Sports apparel Ltd has roped in Sonam Bajwa for the send off of its new item assortment for the athleisure market.
  • Sanjay Chhabra was selected as the CFO (CFO) in May 2023. Prior to playing this job, Mr Chhabra was in the job of VP – finance at Whirlpool India.
  • CAMPUS Share Price is somewhere near 52% in seven months yet Motilal Oswal is dynamic about the stock. “The organization profit were affected by the quelled market interest, which was additionally demolished by a promotion drove half leap in SG&A costs” said representative Motilal Oswal. The objective cost for NSE Grounds is set to be Rs 425 for every offer by Motilal Oswal.

Campus Share Price Target (2024)

Month (2024)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs 319Rs 220
FebruaryRs 300Rs 237
MarchRs 280Rs 258
AprilRs 298Rs 260
MayRs 311Rs 267
JuneRs 339Rs 280
JulyRs 360Rs 280
AugustRs 379Rs 301
SeptemberRs 413Rs 329
OctoberRs 426Rs 347
NovemberRs 443Rs 356
DecemberRs 467Rs 367

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

Campus Share Price Target (2025)

Month (2025)Maximum TargetMinimumTarget 
JanuaryRs 489Rs 387
FebruaryRs 490Rs 390
MarchRs 520Rs 399
AprilRs 556Rs 433
MayRs 540Rs 452
JuneRs 530Rs 442
JulyRs 560Rs 440
AugustRs 577Rs 470
SeptemberRs 587Rs 489
OctoberRs 610Rs 478
NovemberRs 657Rs 501
DecemberRs 688Rs 523

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

Campus Share Price Target (2026 to 2030)

Year Maximum TargetMinimum Target
2026Rs 716Rs 620
2027Rs 900Rs 700
2028Rs 1025Rs 780
2029Rs 1260Rs 890
2030Rs 1503Rs 1261

(Expert Advice is recommended before making any investment-related commitment)

Campus Ltd Financials (2023)

Revenue14.84 Billion INR⬆ 24.11% YOY
Operating expense5.38 Billion INR⬆ 33.88% YOY
Net Income1.17 Billion INR⬆ 7.91% YOY
Net Profit Margin7.89⬇ -13.11% YOY
Earnings Per Share3.84⬇ -6.80%
EBITDA2.26⬇ -2.40%
Effective Tax Rate25.21% 
Total Assets11.76 Billion INR⬆ 22.46%  YOY
Total Liabilities6.24 Billion INR⬆ 17.11%  YOY
Total Equity5.52 Billion INR 
Return on assets10.68% 
Return on Capital14.23% 
P/E Ratio92.94 
Dividend Yield  

Grounds Sports clothing LTD Shareholding Example

  • Advertisers: 73.88%
  • FII: 5.94%
  • DII: 0.99%
  • Common Assets: 6.08%
  • Retail and Others: 13.11%

Grounds Sports clothing LTD Contenders (Market Cap: 7,367.35 crores INR)

  • Metro Brands Ltd (Market Cap: 30,590.12 crores INR)
  • Relaxo Footwear (Market Cap: 20,960.63 crores INR)
  • Bata India (Market Cap: 18,431.49 crores INR)
  • Redtape (Market Cap: 8,714.35 crores INR)
  • Khadim India (Market Cap: 646.91 crores INR)

Focuses to consider before putting resources into Grounds NSE Stock

  • Grounds Sports apparel net deals were Rs 472.01 crores in December 2023. Its net deals are up by 1.37% when contrasted with the organization’s net deals of Rs 465.62 crore.
  • In any case, Grounds Sports apparel’s quarterly net benefit is somewhere near 48.48% to Rs 24.89 cr against Rs 48.31 cr net benefit in December 2022.
  • Profit Before Interest, Duties, Devaluation and Amortization (EBITDA) of Grounds Sports clothing Restricted has likewise been somewhere near 37.91% from Rs 92.79 cr in Dec 2022 to Rs 57.61 cr in Dec 2023.
  • Grounds Sports clothing EPS is down to Rs 0.82 in December 2023 from Rs 1.59 in December 2022.
  • The slide in Grounds Sports clothing’s portion cost isn’t simply restricted to it, the account has been similar all through the footwear business in India. Hardly any footwear stocks have lost over 40% of the worth of their portions inside the year 2023 freely.
  • There is a remote possibility of unrefined substances for the footwear business dodging low and that might actually lift the interest on the lookout. In any case, regardless of the untimely cost drop in unrefined components, recovery on the financial exchange hasn’t yet begun in the footwear business.


The Offer Cost of Grounds Sports clothing has been somewhere near 52% since February sixteenth, 2023. This has been the situation with other footwear stocks also in the last monetary year. Be that as it may, the CAMPUS Share Price has been generally speaking skating down throughout the previous five years. Grounds NSE is somewhere near 27% since May 30, 2019. Seeing the downslide of Grounds Stock, a financial backer of Grounds NSE should feel jumpy. Notwithstanding, Motilal Oswal Financier firm is as yet suggesting ”Purchase” at Rs 465 for every offer.Grounds Sports apparel Ltd is one of the main marks in the games and athleisure footwear area in India.

India Property Dekho prescribes financial backers to direct a legitimate examination on the stock’s previous execution on the securities exchange. Master exhortation is basic prior to pushing any venture related responsibility.


What is the Grounds Offer Value Target 2025?

Grounds NSE Offer Value Target 2025 is between Rs 688 and Rs 387.

What is the Grounds Offer Value Target 2026?

Grounds NSE Offer Value Target 2026 is between Rs 716 and Rs 620.

What is the Grounds Offer Value Target 2030?

Grounds NSE Offer Cost 2030 is anticipated to stay between Rs 1503 and Rs 1261.

What is the Grounds Offer Value Target 2024?

Grounds NSE Offer Value Target 2024 is between Rs 467 and Rs 220.

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