Zambia suspends its first white president Guy Scott

Africa’s first white President in mainland Africa in 2 decades is suspended for ….well, taking the piss allegedly


Zambia’s ruing party, The Patriotic Front (PF), have announced the suspension of the country’s interim President Guy Scott. Scott, who took over after the death of President Michael Sata last month was said to have been suspended for allegedly firing and hiring key members of the ruling party for no apparent reason.

The party’s spokesperson  Malozo Sichone told the BBC that the party was suspicious that the President secretly had his own agenda- possibly with the intention of putting his own candidate forward as he is unable to contest since his parents are English.

Sichone said that “Scott’s suspension cames after party officials had spent weeks trying to meet the president to discuss the election and selection process.”

Mr Scott is the first white President in Mainland Africa in 20 years.

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