Your guide to Natural bridal hair this summer

by Temitope Beesley- Beauty Editor


One of the most important aspects for a bride on her wedding day is her hairstyle. Will she keep it simple and true to nature or experiment? Whatever the case might be you want to make sure the style will be hassle free and stress free. You also need to make sure it lasts all day.

I get questions from natural hair clients asking me which of these I’d recommend. Should they work with their natural hair or get a weave. I usually tell them if they are already feeling sceptical about putting in extensions that don’t even match their natural hair texture then they already know the answer. They should go with their natural hair, although they can still opt for adding some extensions that match their own texture for added volume, thickness and length.

Another important aspect to wearing your natural hair for your big day is to really take care of your hair. Weekly deep conditioning is a must. Give yourself at least 6 months to baby your tresses. Get a trim and protect your hair after all you want it to look the best it can when it’s on full display on the big day.

You should also research the best natural hair stylist in your area before the big day. When I say research, I mean call them, look for reviews on independent websites. Make sure they are truly a natural hair stylist and advocate, do they love to work with textured hair? You don’t want a scenario where they ask you to alter your hair texture in order to achieve a style that will last just a day or two.

Book an appointment to get a trial. Take along with you a few pictures of hairstyles you know your hair texture and length can achieve. It’s even better to send the stylist the pictures first along with your picture so he or she knows exactly what they are working with. Then they can recommend you bring some hair extensions that they think will work.

Most of all, enjoy your day! No matter what style you choose, you’d still look beautiful.

Click on the gallery below for some beautiful natural hair bridal styles for inspiration.

Natural Hair bridal styles

Natural Hair bridal styles


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