You’ll Never Have To Worry About Parking Tickets Again With This App!

Ever had your day ruined by an unexpected fine from the council for parking in the wrong spot? Perhaps, you’ve experienced having to drive around a city centre in circles in search of a car park wihout much success? Well, it appears you’re not alone.

For many drivers in the capital, finding parking when you’re out and about is a big challenge, but Londoners need not worry it seems as an entrepreneur has launched an app that helps drivers find out about parking availability and restrictions around them.

AppyParking was launched in January this year by Dan Hurbert to help drivers  who don’t live locally in an area avoid hefty fines by sticking their car in the wrong place.

“Drivers have been lost when it comes to parking,” he said. “Our FREE app simply gives clear directions to the nearest and cheapest parking and helps them ‘park like a local’ in unfamiliar locations.”


The app is focused on a complete holistic parking picture- with its own API that tells drivers if restrictions apply or not, helping them discover free or cheaper zones.

The developers of the app recently announced an expansion of the route covered by AppyParking with the inclusion of the M25 into its routes. This they say takes the number of parking spaces covered by the app to about 8million spaces.

Welcoming the announcement, Nick Lester, ‘President of the European Parking Association said, ‘Anything which gives motorists better information about where they can and cannot park is a good thing as it avoids drivers getting a parking ticket. Smartphone apps can give better and more reliable information so this really helps’.

Other features on the app include Bank holiday parking restrictions, pay for parking by phone or card, paid meters and price and information on the nearest disabled parking bays.

The app is free to download on iOS and Android and has already be downloaded 50, 000.

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