Worldwide Campaign to show Africa as a land of hope takes off in London

Following the stream of criticisms trailing the release of the Band Aid 30 single- Do They Know It’s Christmas, due to what many see as it’s portrayal of a negative stereotype of Africa, a British based African, Keno Ogbo has launched a campaign to show Africa in a more positive light. The campaign called  We know It’s Christmas is aimed at sharing images showing Africans doing positive things rather than images of malnourished children and famine, which is more popularly shown in the west. Here’s why she says she started the campaign. NL magazine will be supporting this campaign by sharing the photos you send on our website, so please join in!

On the 23rd of November 2014, prompted by a post on Facebook, I read for the first time, the lyrics of the Band-aid 30 single released to raise much needed funds to combat the ongoing Ebola crisis.

I read the lyrics and my heart broke. … again. I had heard the song before and I felt the lyrics where a little off, but hey, I thought, their heart is in the right place. I reasoned, and I let it be. This time, I could not. I needed to do something. I will not bore you with the reasons why the song evoked such deep feelings in me. Other people have made the arguments a lot more eloquently than I ever can.

Needless to say, I felt if we could get images and greetings from all the countries, we can show that Africa remains a land of hope in the midst of sorrow; beauty in pain; and good in the midst of darkness.

We are especially looking for tour and travel operators as well as providers of accommodation and tourist attractions to send us videos, images or stories.

Alternatively if you have images of African scenery from your holiday, we would love to receive these. Remember to add a Christmas greeting, and state the location.

To be included in the campaign launch, we need to receive all media by the 28th of November 2014.

You can find out more about the campaign and how to get involved on the website.

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