Woman assaulted at Notting Hill Carnival after asking man to “stop groping her”

A woman who was punched in the face for telling a man to stop groping her at the Notting Hill Carnival, took a selfie of her injuries that has been shared more than 5,000 times over social media.

Mary Brandon, in her Facebook post including the photo, said that she had spent nine hours in a hospital being treated after the assault. She also encouraged others to raise awareness and “get the word out that this isn’t OK.”

She described the incident at the Notting Hill celebrations on Monday, “A man in the crowd grabbed my arse. When I told him not to he did it again. I pushed him away, exercising my right to tell a man to stop touching my body without my permission, so he took a swing at me and punched me in the face.”

According to the Evening Standard, a police investigation has been launched, and the message from Ms Brandon has encouraged other women to bring forward their own tales of sexual abuse at Notting Hill.

One such story came from Hannah Dart, another Facebook user: “On my way home from carnival an amazing woman told me she’d had a broken bottle held up to her face when she’d yelled at a man for grabbing her friend’s boobs.

“I’am so angry that these men take space and freedoms away from us to feed their pathetic egos. Keep standing up for yourself, you did an amazing job.”

In response to friends who had suggested it would “best not to do anything at all”, Ms Brandon said,

“I can honestly say I will always stand up to someone who thinks they can get away with this behaviour. I’d take a punch again from this loser or any other loser who thinks it’s OK to treat women like this.”

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