William Pooley to return to Africa to fight Ebola outbreak

The first Briton to contract Ebola in the current outbreak in Africa is planning to return to the place where he was infected to continue helping others to fight the disease.

29 year old William Pooley was working as a volunteer nurse in Sierra Leone when he contracted the virus. He was flown out of Sierra Leone back to London where he was treated in a special isolation unit at the Royal Free Hospital, where he was given the experimental drug ZMapp.

Since then, Pooley has made a full recovery, and having been discharged from the hospital has said he is to travel back in “a few weeks”.

Mr Pooley told BBC News in an interview, “I’m quite impatient to get back doing what I know needs to be done. And I feel like I’ve left things undone, having left prematurely. And I know there’s a lot of work to do out there, and we need to get out there and do it.”

He had also said that the decision to go was an easy one.

“It’s massively safer for me. I have immunity now to this strain of Ebola. We’re not sure how long that immunity lasts of whether it’s 100%, but it’s massively safer for me to work there now than it was before.”

Pooley’s passport was incinerated upon his evacuation from Sierra Leone, but he said his new one was “in the post”, and that his family supported his plans to continue volunteering.

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