Widening Gender Pay Gap: Unequal Pay For Equal Work

by Sonali Kamboj


Women managers are paid less than their male counterparts, reveals a recent survey conducted by the Chartered Management Institute (CMI).

The survey that took into account the salaries of 68,000 managers in the UK, reported a pay difference of £9,000 between women and men who were working in similar managerial positions.

Experts believe that reasons for such discrimination can only be attributed to child bearing and childcare as younger women between the ages of 20-29 usually out earn men in the same age category.

However, the situation changes when women decide to start a family. Rather than viewing brining up children as a shared responsibility between men and women, the societal bias fuels discrimination.

According to the survey, if women were to earn equally as men, they would have to work till the age of 80 to achieve the same pay.

Talking to the Telegraph, Ann Francke, chief executive of the CMI, said: “Lower levels of pay for women managers cannot be justified, yet our extensive data shows the pay gap persists, with many women hit by a mid-life pay crisis. Women and men should be paid on the basis of their performance in their particular roles, but this is clearly not yet the case for far too many. It’s not right that women would have to work until almost 80 for the same pay rewards as men. We have to stamp out cultures that excuse this as the result of time out for motherhood and tackle gender bias in pay policies that put too much emphasis on time served.”

Another report by the Office of National Statistics states that gender pay gap doesn’t exist between ages of 18-39. Reaching a similar conclusion as the study by CMI, the report suggests that women between the ages of 22-29 usually out earn men.

Research undertaken by the London School of Economics and Essex University has gone one step further and indicated that lesbians earn more than straight women.

As gender pay divide widens when women get older, perhaps there’s a silver lining to be found in near future. From 2015, it would be legal for couples to split a-year-long parental leave as they deem fit. Maybe it’s the first step in re-affirming the belief that starting a family should be a shared responsibility.




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