Why every black person in Britain should sign petition to teach #blackhistory in UK schools

The Inclusion of Black History in Primary Schools (BHIS) campaign, which was launched as an online petition in 2014, has so far received over 40,000 signatures.

100,000 signatures are needed for the petition to be considered for debate in parliament and Naija Living is firmly behind this campaign.


The campaign to make black history a mandatory element of the national curriculum for primary schools in the UK was started in 2012 by Stephanie Pitter, a Birmingham-based mum-of-four, ex-classroom assistant, and school governor. She originally gained 12,000 signatures going door-to-door with her campaign.

The new digital age saw the re-launch of the campaign as an online petition in February 2014. The online campaign which is receiving a final push with a new campaign website, providing more detailed information about the importance of the campaign; an active social media campaign, which is receiving support from all around the world including Canada, USA and Africa, means that with an increasing number of followers on social media, the signatures are growing on a daily basis.

At the basis of the campaign is the idea that the inclusion of Black History in primary schools’ curriculum will enrich the spiritual, moral, social and cultural needs of all ethnic groups. It will help pupils to understand where they come from and where they are going, shedding a light on all African and Caribbean contribution to the growth of the Britain and to the rest of the world.

Supporters include: head-teachers, academics, primary school teachers and of course parents; as well as British celebrities: ex-Eastenders actress, Judith Jacob; footballer, Daniel Sturridge Boxer; rapper, Tinie Tempah; Audley Harrison and many others from sports, music and TV. People of every age, race and colour are signing and sharing links to the petition with their friends.

‘Adding Black History to Primary School Curriculum is an important step to bridge the gap so all kids grow up with tolerance and love for all,’ said Audley Harrison.

Stephanie Pitter added: “It is important that black history is not just about slavery, Martin Luther King or Mary Seacole. I’m not belittling any of these heroes, but there is so much more to our past that is not getting passed on to the next generation.”

100,000 signatures need to be collected before the deadline runs out at 12 noon on 10th February 2015.

To show your support, sign the online petition here.

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