Why eating Pizza may be putting your health at risk

by Tayyabal Riaz


A pizza delivery is a lucrative option, following a tiring day of work and an easy excuse to avoid the leftovers from the night before. Warm dough with gooey cheese fills the hallway with aroma when the delivery man rings the doorbell. Whilst, an easy option, there is nothing like a free or cheap lunch. A regular pizza delivery or a frozen pizza from the supermarket can cost you your health.

586 out of 802 pizzas, accounting for 73% surveyed had more salt than recommended for a day. Research has shown pizzas as simple as plain Margherita, to contain levels of salt higher than the daily-recommended amount for an adult. A cheese crusted pepperoni pizza from Dominos or Papa Johns contains 16 grams of salt, which is generous three teaspoonfuls more than the recommendation as per health professionals.

Salt intake has been strongly connected to blood pressure issues as well as conditions as severe as strokes.

The CASH chairman, Graham MacGregor, the Professor of Cardiovascular Medicine at Barts & The London School of Medicine, said: ‘Eating too much salt puts up our blood pressure, the major cause of strokes, heart attacks and heart failure, the leading cause of death and disability worldwide.

‘At the World Health Assembly in May 2013 it was unanimously agreed that all countries should reduce their daily salt intake by 30 percent towards a target of up to 5g per day, by 2025.

‘The food industry should play a positive and proactive role in improving dietary intake as well as maintaining it at a standard leaning towards the healthier end of the spectrum.’

Nutritionist at CASH, Sonia Pombo, said: ‘Most of us aren’t aware of how much salt we actually eat on a daily basis, and thus the danger we are putting ourselves in.’

Fairly upmarket brands like Pizza Express have also showed an increased level of salt in their products. Considering the widespread integration of fast food and particularly pizza in society today, it is important that this issue receives more attention and ultimately a resolution.

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