Who’s Next? Nollywood Actress Kate Henshaw Is ‘Taking A Break’ From Acting To Go Into Politics

Nigeria’s entertainment industry is going to be feeling the pinch pretty soon as industry stalwarts have begun to fall over each other to declare their intention to run for political office.

After Julius Agwu’s well-timed announcement to coincide with his UK comedy tour, Nollywood actress Kate Henshaw has now officially thrown her hat in the ring confirming months of speculation that she intended to run for the a legislative seat in her native Cross River State.

In an interview with Sahara Reporters, the veteran actress says she doesn’t intend to leave her acting career completely, but just to take out ‘4 to 8 years’ to do her own bit to serve the people.

“I’ll take a break to serve the larger population of Nigeria. I wont quit” said the actress. “I just want to do, make noise and leave when the ovation is loudest.”

Asked if she meant it, she replied “4 to 8 years, that’s it, you can hold me to my words.”

Henshaw also stated that reason she was putting a cap on her potential tenure was because  “too many people stay in the system for too long and others get disillusioned,” which is why the actress says some young people don’t put themselves forward.

Let’s hope she sticks to that mantra when she gets elected…one can only hope after all.

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