What we learnt when our beauty Editor hung out with Kim Kardashian’s Make up artist Mario Dedivanovic

by Temitope Beesley- Beauty Editor


Last Saturday I attended the makeup masterclass by the world famous celebrity makeup artist Mario Dedivanovic in London. To a lot of people, that name doesn’t mean much, but in the world of make up artistry and beauty, this is the guy beauty experts and countless of followers around the world refer to as ‘Super Mario’ or the ‘god of make up artistry,‘ thanks to his hugely popular make up masterclasses (some of which people actually fly in from around the world to attend!) and his very handy You Tube videos watched by hundreds of thousands.

Mario Dedivanovic has made a name for himself over the years as the ‘Go to Glam Master’ in the beauty industry, and I’m not even over hyping him, he is just that good. Most notably, he’s the one responsible for Kim Kardashian’s  ever polished looks with the incredibly sculpted brows, cheeks and fluttering eyelashes- a role that has seen him catapulted to fame thanks to his effervescent muse.


So the date was set for the 23rd of May as London’s beauty bloggers and make up artists descended on the British Transport Museum for ‘Super Mario’s’ beauty masterclass, even the huge price tag was not a deterrent. As workshops go, this one was fun, informative and detailed. Arguably ONE OF THE HIGHLIGHTS OF THIS YEAR FOR ME.

We got to watch him do live demos, a Q&A about the Insider secrets of makeup and what’s so special about celebrity makeup.

Mario was very frank and told us how he got started. He began his unlikely sojourn into the world of beauty at the age of 17, working as a perfume counter salesman at American high end departmental store Sephora. Women came to him asking for advice about makeup and he decided to help them out. Soon buzz started about this young man and his skills and not long after, he got himself an agent in the beauty industry.


Fast forward 15 years and he is one of the busiest makeup artists in the world, thanks to a high profile roll call of celebrity clients led of course by Kim Kardashian.

 Here are some tips and tricks I got from the event.

– He doesn’t use primers at all as it affects the performance of the foundation and doesn’t allow it to sink in properly.

– He prefers to use cream foundations as it blend easily for him.

– Colour correctors are a gimmick and they are there purely to make extra money for the cosmetic companies.

– Most makeup brands are exactly the same. Most are made in the same factories with the same ingredients just different packaging and price points.

– Don’t waste your money on super expensive lipsticks. The formula is pretty much the same as high street lipsticks.

– Contrary to popular belief, he has never used the banana powder on Kim Kardashian. The company only said this to make millions.



PS: The goodie bag was epic! Probably worth over £250 with products from Ananstasia Beverly hills, MAC e.t.c. Definitely worth it.

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