“We should Start Taking Dementia Just As Seriously as Cancer”- David Cameron

Prime Minister David Cameron has said stated that the world needs to start seeing Dementia as a serious condition, just as cancer.

David Cameron made the comments at the Global Action Against Dementia summit hosted by the Prime Minister in London to increase awareness of the disease suffered by a significant portion of the UK’s senior citizens.

About 800, 000 people are thought to suffer from dementia in the UK while the figure stands at 44 million worldwide.

Mr Cameron said that it was time for the world to ‘fight back’ against dementia so as to allow those living with the disease to live with dignity.

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“For far too long this terrible condition has been ignored, down-played or mistaken as a natural part of the ageing process.The truth is that dementia now stands alongside cancer as one of the greatest enemies of humanity,” he said.

“We need to recognise this for what it is and fight it with just the same determination and compassion that we have brought to the battle against cancer.”

Mr Cameron revealed that the government was spending £50 million on UK hospitals in an effort to make them more dementia friendly. He also said that GP’s are being asked to be more observant in checking for the early signs of the disease so that patients can receive treatment promptly.

The Prime Minister promised to support drug and pharmaceutical companies in creating new drugs and treatment for the disease by relaxing the rules on taxation and drug trials.

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With more money to be pumped into drug research in the area of genomics, it is hoped that scientists can isolate the genes responsible for the condition and develop a drug to combat it.

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