Watch Brad Pitt Answer Awkward Questions About Jennifer Aniston in ‘Funny or Die’ skit

Brangelina made a great showing at the End sexual violence in conflict earlier this year.Photo: Michael Tubi

Brad Pitt remains composed as Zack Galifianakis fires the most awkward questions at the actor

When you sign up for an interview with funny man Zack Galifianakis on his web series Funny or Die, you know that anything can happen and it’s probably best to leave your sanity at home.

Brad Pitt was the latest guest on the show and boy did he get a grilling. Galifianakis grilled the recently married 50-year-old star about his hygiene with obscene questions like ‘why don’t you shower?’ and ‘How does it feel living in your wife’s shadow’.

The comedian and actor wasn’t done making Pitt squirm, however as he dropped a question in reference to Pitt’s ex Jennifer Aniston midway into the interview.

Galifianakis asked, “What did it feel like when you first met Angelina?’ Barely giving him time to answer, the comedian continued, “Was it like everyone’s favourite romance between Ross and Rachel?”. He then piled on the misery by playing the theme song to the sitcom ‘Friends‘, which starred Pitt’s ex Jennifer Aniston as Rachel.

Brad saw the funny side of it all though and smiled and looked away rather than indulge the prankster. On hearing the Friend’s theme song, he said, “I like that song”.

Brad and Jennifer split in 2005 after the actor met Angelina Jolie on the set of Mr and Mrs Smith where both had been working. He married Jolie at their private Château in France last month after 10 years together in an intimate ceremony in the presence of their 6 children.

Watch the video here.

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  1. Noushin
    Oct 25, 2014 - 05:30 PM

    Awesome Jen.


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