Usain Bolt Says Commonwealth Games Are ‘Awesome’ After Comment Controversy

Usain Bolt put the controversy surrounding his alleged comments about not having a good time at the commonwealth Olympics to the side as he watched the Jamaican women’s netball team play on Wednesday Morning.

After the game with New Zealand, reporters asked the sporting star what he thought about the games to which he replied, ‘awesome’.

A Times News reporter had earlier claimed to have overheard the world’s fastest man say that the games ‘were a bit shit’ and were not as good as the Olympics. The Olympic star has since denied the claims but the newspaper insists that it is standing by the story and has vowed to publish the full conversation.

Reeling from the backlash arising from the said comments, Bolt took to Twitter to accuse journalists of cooking up stories to make headlines.

Bolt said, “I’m waking up to this nonsense..journalist please don’t create lies to make headlines.”



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