UN Brokers 5 Hour Ceasefire Between Israel and Hamas

The current crisis going on in the middle east will see a temporary cease in hostilities between Israel and Hamas after both parties agreed to a 5 hour ‘humanitarian pause‘.

The deal was brokered by the UN special coordinator for the middle east peace process Robert Serry who had requested that Israel cease its attack on Gaza so that food and supplies could come in to the troubled region.

Hamas have also agreed to the deal after initially rejecting an earlier offer because it wasn’t satisfied with the conditions.

The two sides have been embroiled in hostilities since Israel launched an offensive after Hamas began firing rockets into the country.

According to reports, more than 216 Palestinians have been killed since the offensive n=began on the 8th of July including 4 boys aged 9-11 who were playing on a beach in Gaza as Israel launched an attack.

Witnesses told the Guardian that the missiles came from an Israeli naval ship just off the coast. the boys were said to have been scavenging for metals on the coast when the first explosion hit causing them to run for safety before another explosion landed behind them killing all four.

An Israeli man also died after being hit by Hamas mortar fire as he took food to soldiers fighting along the Gaza border.

The renewed hostilities began when three Jewish seminary students were kidnapped and killed in the Isreali occupied West bank prompting the revenge killing of a Palestinian boy a few days later.

Hamas has been firing rockets into Israel although most have been intercepted by the country’s Iron Dome.

Both sides have threatened to intensify attacks if conditions are not met.

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