UK Under Pressure To Intervene In Iraq Crisis

by Dayo Laniyan


The UK has been successful in carrying out a third round of aid drops in order to help the 50,000 ethnic Yazidi currently trapped on Mount Sinjar by ISIS militants, however pressure is growing on the UK government to intervene militarily, particularly coming from Liam Fox, MP of Somerset, who attacked the “catastrophic complacency” of world leaders.

His words came on the heels of the announcement from the international development secretary, Justine Greening confirmed on Tuesday that aid was successfully dropped onto the thousands of people trapped on Mount Sinjar. The supplies included two RAF C-130 consignments containing 2,640 reusable water purification containers filled with clean water; and more than 500 shelter kils to provide shade in temperatures higher than 40C (104F).

Also, 130 US troops in addition to use already in Iraq has been deployed on what the Pentagon has described as a temporary mission to assess the scope of the humanitarian crisis faced by thousands of displaced civilians trapped on Sinjar.

In the Daily Mail, Fox wrote “The idea that this is not our problem is wishful thinking at best, and catastrophic complacency at worst. The US government has made a belated, but welcome, decision to use American air power to hit ISIS bases. We should be willing to do the same if asked.”

“Sending humanitarian aid is right but if we are leaving the vulnerable unprotected from the military terror of the ISIS forces then our help is superficial.”

Shadow Foreign Secretary Douglas Alexander also urged the government to step up in its responses.

“Clearly the UK must now also be doing all that we can to assist the vital humanitarian effort that is under way to help save lives and prevent further suffering.”

However, despite the pressure both from politicians and advice from experienced commanders, David Cameron has insisted the UK will not intervene militarily.

Survivors that reached the town of Dohuk in northern Iraq said that their ordeal begun when the town was first shelled by Islamists last week, leading to the Kurdish-speaking population fled up the mountain-a place unsuitable for catering to the needs of so many people. If they stay, they may eventually die of starvation and dehydration, but there is no means of escape as ISIS fighters block all exits from the mountain.

Elsewhere, some 700,000 Yazidis are believed to have been displaced, along with Jihadists reported targeting Iraqi Christians.

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