UK Terror Threat Level Raised From ‘Substantial’ To ‘Severe’

Home secretary Theresa May on Friday announced that the UK terror threat level was being raised to Severe, the second highest level, meaning that a terrorist attack was ‘highly likely’.

Mrs May added that the alert was raised due to the potential threat from the activities of Extremist groups in Syria and Iraq who have repeatedly threatened to attack the west.

There have also been reports that hundreds of Britons have travelled to the middle East to train in Jihadi camps and join militants such as ISIS in their quest for ‘Jihad’. Security chiefs on Friday warned that the number of such young people being radicalized abroad with the intention of bringing terror to Britain was rising although many had been intercepted and stopped from embarking on such journeys.

May said, “We face a real and serious threat in the UK from international terrorism. I would urge the public to remain vigilant and to report any suspicious activity to the police.”

Prime Minister David Cameron said at a conference on Friday that he was ‘satisfied’ that ISIS militants would attempt to carry out an attack on Britain.

“What we’re facing in Iraq now is a greater and deeper threat to our security than we have known before,” said Cameron, adding that he would be introducing new laws to fight terrorism including enhanced passport checks and seizing passports of suspected individuals although plans to revoke British citizenship of suspected persons was rejected.

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