Ugandan Nanny who kicked and flung baby across room charged with attempted murder

Warning: very graphic scenes of abuse that some may find disturbing

A nanny whose abuse video went viral online on Monday has reportedly been jailed for 3 years by a court in Uganda.

In scenes most parents would find revolting, 22-year-old Jolly Tumurhiiwe was filmed by a hidden camera installed by the toddler’s father as she repeatedly hit the 2-year-old. In another clip, the nanny flings the child across the room after she became sick and threw up her food (probably as a result of the beating). Tumurhiiwe who was probably angry at having to clean up the mess, flung the little girl across the room and then stumped on her several times.

The father of the baby, named locally as Erick Kamanzi, a well to do staff at a reputable NGO in Kampala has apparently noticed bruises on his daughter’s head. Rather than confront her, he examined footage from the hidden cameras in the house- which from the looks of it, the nanny was unaware of. Heartbroken, he beat the 22-year-old into a pulp and according to reports, she was so badly beaten that she’s currently in a wheelchair.

The case would probably have stayed out of public eye had Tumurhiiwe herself not gone to report her boss of three months to the local police who then arrested Mr Kamanzi on assault charges. After showing the video footage to the authorities to explain why he did what he did, you guess is as good as ours. Kenyan Police released him and instead charged his employee. As at Tuesday, authorities were contemplating upgrading the charges levelled against her to attempted murder, which seems rather apt given that the baby could have sustained life threatening injuries from her onsalught or worse, even died.

Mr Kamanzi told the BBC that he had only shared the video privately with close friends and Facebook and never expected it to go viral.

She will appear in court on December


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